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About Us

Encyclopedie Art d'ecrireParis Lit Up Press is an experimental publishing collective. It’s a community laboratory where language, ideas and desires are shared. Really, we’re just a bunch of kids who are into words and paper, but also digital media and global communication. We’ve found each other here in Paris, La Ville Lumière, amidst the decadence of its cafés, books and revolutionaries. And actually, we’d kinda like to think we’re continuing that tradition.

In an attempt to give voice to the burgeoning community of writers and artists here in Paris, we’ve decided to break our piggybanks and launch this folly of an editorial adventure. We’re here to make as many books, magazines, flyers, posters, videos and records as possible before our money or time runs out – whichever comes first. We’re here because we think there are things to be said.

The world over, writers, artists, bohemians and plain ol’ creative folk are reclaiming their voices and their ability to live and share with others. We have no further use for big businesses or highbrow editors: community DIY practices and grassroots organizing actually mean better work, better writing, better art. From self-organized workshops to independent magazines, a new renaissance of common practices is emerging across the globe. With it, there are storytellers, performers, poets. Hopefully, Paris Lit Up Press can add another drop to the tidal wave of free human creativity that is washing over our precious spinning ball of dirt.

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