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About us

About us

Paris Lit Up is a non-profit community organisation that aims to intensify collaborative artistic practices through community events, performance and publication. Our principle objective is to stimulate creativity through the cultivation of common spaces such as local platforms connected through transnational networks for artists living in and passing through the City of Light.

With emphasis on transnational writers, artists and musicians, Paris Lit Up promotes the importance of artistic synergy through transparent, democratic, consensus-based decision making. Artistic autonomy, group collaboration and open sharing are the foundation of our operative ethos.

Through our ethical transparency and democratic modus operandi, Paris Lit Up strives to foster a horizontally-minded community inspired by the desire for social cooperation and cultural diversity. In recognizing the social origin and function of the arts, we hope to encourage broad participation and facilitate personal and collective growth through grassroots artistic activism.


Paris Lit Up does not exist. Or rather, Paris Lit Up isn’t any individual project or person. Paris Lit Up is the space between the independently run projects that trace its outline. Paris Lit Up shines as a constellation of these bright literary stars in the Parisian night. Paris Lit Up lives in the visible and invisible connections between these ventures and the groups that animate them. Paris Lit Up dwells somewhere deep inside each of these projects because they enrich and empower the people around them. Paris Lit Up aims to build this open community while nurturing the goodwill to collectively share and grow together. Paris Lit Up pulses through the rhizomes of shared practices, common spaces and cooperative spirit. Paris Lit Up explodes in the creative potential of the international literary scene in our beloved City of Lights, Paris.

Please contact us on Facebook, Twitter or meetup for events, parties, readings and random outings.
Got something to contribute ? Got a bone to pick ? Write us at info [at] parislitup [dot] com !

* Paris Lit Up is an Association under the 1 July 1901 law: #W751218524 – Paris Lit Up est une Association de la loi du 1er Juillet 1901: #W751218524

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