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After the War

A play by Cordelia Lynn

A play by Cornelia Lynn

We are in Paris on the 18th of May 1922, and Proust, Stravinsky and Joyce are about to sit down to dinner together… with surprising results.
Violet Schiff and Serge Diaghilev have high hopes for the evening, which they expect to be the pinnacle of European Modernism, cementing Paris’s reputation as the cultural capital. However, as Joyce stumbles in drunk and Proust fixates on his declining health, this meeting of great minds threatens to devolve into mere farce.

With its irreverent take on these men of genius, After the War invites you to meet your favourite artists in a whole new light.


WHERE? Shakespeare and Company Bookshop, 37 Rue Bûcherie, 75005.
WHEN? Tuesday the 19th June 2012, from 19h – 19h30

A Travesty Theatre Production
Directed by: Alexandra MacEwan and Shivani Thussu
Starring: Patrick Kilmartin, Benjamin Perriello, Travis Bürki, Jimmy Hargreaves, Alexandra MacEwan and Shivani Thussu

Copyright Cordelia Lynn

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