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** Extended Deadline** 30th September 2017**: Paris Lit Up n°5 – Call for Submissions

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Extension of Deadline for Paris Lit Up n°5 The deadline for submissions to the literary and artistic magazine PLU5 has been extended to Saturday, 30th September 2017. This is to ensure that more/plus of you will send us your individual expressions of what makes you you. You might want to consider sending 5 poems, 5000 words of prose, 15 pieces of photography and/or artwork (lacework, DIY, graffiti, self-portraits, lacquer, etc.). Remember to send a high-res picture of the work, not the work itself. Submit work here. The publication of the magazine will take place towards the end of November 2017, following the release of PLU4. This means that two issues will have been published in one year. Catch our drift? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch and/or catch us at our Open Mic night at...

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Paris Lit Up n°5 – Call for Submissions

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SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: FRIDAY, 15th SEPTEMBER 2017 At the point of its lustrum, Paris Lit Up is insatiable. But for what? What more can we have? We don’t know, you haven’t sent it yet, but we need MORE, MORE, MORE. ..Or do we mean PLUS PLUS PLU5? The digital revolution offers boundless communication, conversation, collaboration. Yet we’re left in the overfed red, the dizzy tessellation of never-ending plus signs scrolling down the unsatisfying feed. The collective unconsciousness is an unfulfilling chamber full of echoes. Il n’y a PLU5 rien. Yet we have TOUT. Through production, the artist exceeds herself: her work and her self an overflowing configuration of elements multiplied by each other, just as creative communities expand and overflow in our cities. Necessary and natural excess is produced by more than just the sum of its many parts. Too...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Stephanie Marcella

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Open Mic last night was filled with the beautifully delicate and strong songs of Stephanie Marcella. Matt opened round one with gut-wrenching yet funny poems about the army interventions in taliban-heavy regions and monkey king figurines in China. Jonathan turned in a silent, awkward and hilarious performance entitled “the melancholy existence of a page turner.” Thomas, who’d seen an advertisement for a watch called Jardin du Palais Royal that touched on the heat of another person’s epidermus, went full anatonomical in his love poem to someone’s medically-correctly-cited organs. Ed hefted his heavy-looking electric piano onstage, then failed to turn it on, and fell back on that mainstay of stage performance, latin poetry declaimed in latin. Zoé read from a poem scrawled on a multitude of little papers scotched one to another, hinting at love, insisting that “le désir n’a...

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