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Metropolis – Paris : Vive la littérature!

Posted on 16 Oct 2017 in Featured, News, Video clips | 0 comments

On October 15th, Paris Lit Up was featured on Arte’s transmission “Metropolis” to discuss the actual state of literature in the City of Light. Watch the full show here below! Francophone authors are currently guests of honor in Frankfurt, where the largest book fair in the world takes place. For writers all over the world, Paris has long been the city of all desires, a myth. What about today? What has become of the Parisian literary scene? In the company of author Murielle Rousseau, Metropolis investigates and meets the most important authors of the moment, including Alain Mabanckou and Gaël Faye. by Stefanie...

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PLU Open Mic featuring James Navé

Posted on 6 Nov 2016 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

PLU Open Mic this week welcomes a special guest and longtime friend, all at the way from the good ol’ US of A, James Navé! Make sure you check out the workshop he’ll be doing next week! For over twenty-five years, poet, public speaker, creative strategist, and arts entrepreneur James Navé has spent his time working globally as a facilitator and presenter in workshops, assembly programs, conferences, salons, and creativity coaching situations. He is one of the pioneers of the spoken word movement having Co-founded Poetry Alive!, a theater company, which has performed poetry for over ten million students (K-12) throughout America. He and author Julia Cameron founded The Artist’s Way Creativity Camp in Taos, NM. He is involved in some of the country’s longest running poetry and arts events, including The Lake Arts Festival, where he has been Poetry Director and...

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PLU Live Telethon via Periscope

Posted on 27 Sep 2016 in News, PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

UPDATE: We did it! Thank you to everyone who made our Kickstarter campaign a success and to everyone who came out for our Telethon, both in Paris and around the world! Join Paris Lit Up this Thursday, September 29th from anywhere in the world for the live Periscope broadcast of PLU’s first ever Telethon! Our last night of fundraising via Kickstarter will kick off at 20h30 Paris time as we welcome writers, poets, musicians and artists to strut their stuff on stage, as well as our special guest and Verso author, Joshua Clover. We’ll also be screening Sean Simerly’s documentary on the Paris lit scene, Allumé. Join us and help us raise money for non-profit, grassroots art and...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Joshua Clover

Posted on 25 Sep 2016 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

An exciting night at PLU with our first ever live-streamed Telethon! We managed to raise a huge amount over the course of the evening and, just a few hours later, met our goal of 3000€. Thank you to everyone who donated / shared / contributed. Participating at the live event were: Maysan practicing for her upcoming slam competition in Lebanon, Scott telling his story about bullies, Amruta and her poetry, Tobias losing his guitar virginity followed by a German Pia, also new to Paris. We then showed Sean Simerly‘s beautiful documentary Allumé (which you can watch here) and finally our special guest and our special guest guest, Joshua Clover and Geoffrey Gilbert. Joshua did this: Round two included: Gino on the guitar, Nick‘s perfect English accent, Thomas‘ rap-Ode to the Clitoris, Alison and her stained-glass poetry, René jamming, Elisa...

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Kickstart la rentrée!

Posted on 3 Sep 2016 in News | 0 comments

The city of Paris is synonymous with creativity.Paris breeds creativity, Paris inspires creativity. Yet Paris does not come easy. A bustling and rugged metropolis, it fights illusions, and forces discovery, just as it did for Joyce, Hughes, Hemingway, Nin and countless other foreign writers and artists. For over 4 years, the non-profit association Paris Lit Up has hosted free Open Mic nights every Thursday, published five books, has thrown some really great parties with our multicultural, transnational community of writers, artist, musicians and activists and even toured extensively through Europe. We’ve never charged a dime for any of our activities and we’ve always operated through transparent, consensus-based community efforts. And now we need your help!  After this last tragic year in France, it has become more important than ever for writers from diverse backgrounds and nationalities to find space for their voices and their words. So, in order to publish the fourth issue of our annual journal and...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Rachel Bell

Posted on 29 Aug 2016 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Fresh back for the réntrée, PLU hosted lost o’ peoples. Round One included: René speaking to his 13-year-old self: don’t stop breakdancing, Steve’s Other Lives, Sonya’s 250 word sentence, Thomas was Red with Angry Animals, Moe said We Want Everything and was Tired of Being Poor, Karen fell in love with The Lady in Black, Simon had a bunch of really short Draft Poems and our feature, Rachel Bell, did this: Round Two included: Gino’s Dark Guitar Rock Poetry, Rachel Bell squirting her Love Tweets, Reggi’s stand-up comedy, Tarya asking Will Someone Come Suck Off My Face? followed by L’Insassisable’s signing and French slam and ended with Chris’ short story. Round Three was a musical-poetically drunk free for all with Blue Wit, Emma, and Jason.   Welcome back holidaygoers! Celebrate the return to work/life/school/unemployment by joining us at the...

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PLU Open Mic featuring James Jewell

Posted on 20 Jun 2016 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

  PLU Open Mic got more than its share of music and excitement on June 23, featuring the transporting sounds of James Jewell on guitar/harmonica/foot tapping. Round one started with Gene, the self-described ‘son of a survivor’, who sang a song about the jewish traditions, touching on daven and tefillin, rolling off the rockin’ chorus ‘I sit, shower and shave’ If you’re interested in singing it yourself, the chords were C – F – G – Am – F – G – C. PV Wolseley read one of her pieces inspired by Louvre art, this one about Nike (the goddess, not the shoe company), inviting all to ‘have her hover over the roof of your rolls’ and reminding that ‘her very wings move in time.’ Lara satyrized the quizz from designed to determine if someone is struggling with...

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PLU Comedy feat. Lisa Raduszynski

Posted on 15 Jun 2016 in PLU Comedy, PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Hello, people of Paris Lit Up! We’re back with a new night of Paris Lit Up Comedy in the craziest venue in town. Hosted every six weeks or so by Fred Eyangoh (Unfiltered Comedy Hour), comedians and stand up performers are invited to sign up for free starting at 20h for a slot during the evening. Each performer is given ample time to strut their stuff – just beware the flying tomatoes! This week our guest is Lisa Raduszynski. She is a French (yes, our first French guest comedian!) actress, standup comedian and writer, who performs in both French and English. She performed in Paris and all over France, but also in the US, UK, Israel and Switzerland. Lisa is based in Paris, where she created and hosts one of the few weekly comedy nights in English in Paris: LAUGH ETC, every Wednesday...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Sonya Chung

Posted on 4 Jun 2016 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Last week PLU enjoyed a sweet start as we soaked up the sun’s rays on the terrace with our special guest, Sonya Chung and her six students. Round One began with Belleville resident James Jewell singing the Same ol’ Song with his trusty guitar and harmonica. We dashed through the first three virgin students: Sophie, obsessed with French cuisine, read her essay Finger Food, Jake told a story about Alice burying her cat and eating cat food (yum!), Chloe topped off the banana split with a sistine: God eats an apple. Students are always hungry, so we gave them a couple of musical morsels to keep them going: Josh’s sing-along Rocky Raccoon and then an original, The Man Shouts; Gino then sang Slow Blues in the Key of Moe. Back to Chung’s students, we heard Ziggy’s poems Company and W...

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PLU Comedy with Amber Minogue

Posted on 12 May 2016 in PLU Comedy | 0 comments

After a little hiatus, come back to laugh your ass off at the 5th edition of Paris Lit Up Comedy, with Paris’ best stand-up comedians. Hosted every six weeks or so by Fred Eyangoh (Unfiltered Comedy Hour), comedians and stand up performers are invited to sign up for free starting at 20h for a slot during the evening. Each performer is given ample time to strut their stuff – just beware the flying tomatoes! This week’s special guest is comedian Amber Minogue! Amber Minogue is an English stand-up comedian, who moved to Paris to study mime before growing a French person in her belly and deciding never to leave. She regularly performs on all the English-speaking comedy nights and also features on Luke Thompson’s English podcast. Held on Thursdays at Culture Rapide, 103 rue Julian Lacroix, 75020 – métro...

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