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PLU: Cultural Revolution IS Here!

Posted on 5 Jan 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Beautiful documentary by Dina Khan and Maria Cavallo on PLU! In Dina’s own words: “I would like to dedicate this movie to all the artists who work torn with doubts or fears. We have a terrific job, but sometimes to make art and share it with the public makes us vulnerable. This is, for me, the greatest sign of authenticity. I would like to see more vulnerability around me. The more we feel vulnerable in our work, the more our art has to offer to the public. It is my deepest conviction. I am delighted to finish this beautiful test of motivation and zeal thanks to my many collaborators.“ Click below to watch the entire...

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PLU Open Mic with Elia Cohen

Posted on 29 Dec 2016 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

This week’s (January 5) says bonjour to 2017 (please, 2017, don’t be a stinky shit like 2016) in the best way with our anyone-welcome* open mic PLUS featured performer, the uber-talented musician and lyricist ELIA COHEN!! Sign-up for the open mic (poetry, prose, words, no words, theatre, art, whatever) starts at 8pm, your host will be the Em C of the RK, and we’ll kick off the new year with whatever you feel like around 8.30/45…. * Just don’t be an intolerant shit. That said, even if you are a little stinky (we’re all a little rotten),  you are still more than welcome and maybe we can wash your soul with creativity and love  🙂 Singer/songwriter, Elia’s first insight into music came through the discovery of Indian traditional Raga. Since then, and with a renewed interest in traditions and pop music, Elia created RORSHA:...

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PLU Open Mic with Pépin

Posted on 21 Dec 2016 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

  Come hear the sound of the joyous ukulele this Thursday 21st of December with Pépin! Entre 4 accords de Ukulélé et Le Double de Grimaces, Pépin kidnappe tes oreilles et leur susurre des Histoires. Des chansons farfelues plein les valises, Ici on parle cul, alcool et coup de gueule mais attention, en rimes et avec le sourire ! On t’invite à poser ton anus entre deux chaises: Le tabouret haut du comptoir, ou se mêlent confidences et révoltes, et le banc du chapiteau ou se succèdent clowneries et...

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PLU Open Mic Featuring Lara Azar

Posted on 14 Dec 2016 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Open Mic was a blast last Thursday 15/12 with the cringe-happy standup comedy of feature Lara Azar. Round One started with Nasser reading poems in both Italian and Spanish. Then Gene read a story about the Costellos’ restaurant experience, interspersed with a bluesy song he belted out on guitar, with that haunting lyric “Let her go, God bless her.” Rebecca read a piece that combined white russians and lubricious thoughts. Ap Cooper flatly stated that he hated the English government and proved it in a song that mentioned letters to the BBC that he will never send, then another one about rivers catching fire and ice and a Japanese revolt. Elynn read a poem from Mahmoud Darwish, “A Soldier Dreams Of White Lilies”. Jennifer, who was a photojournalist in Kenya, read from her frontline account of covering the Westgate...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Anne Marsella

Posted on 13 Nov 2016 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

PLU Open Mic was a mindful orgasm last Thursday November 17 with delicious and funny readings from Anne Marsella’s upcoming next novel. Momo kicked off Round One with two instrumental guitar performances, one Satie piece and an ‘orientalization’ of Aranjuez. He was then joined onstage by Nathalie who sang “Marcel”. Stacie sang an a capella version of Mumford and Sons’ “Give Her Your Heart”. Scott took the opportunity to broadcast his performance live, telling a story taken from his current film project “An American Ginger in Paris” which is currently seeking finishing funds on kickstarter. Nick reminded us all that the 400-year anniversary of Shakespeare’s passing was just 45 days away and read (beautifully, as always) two of the Bard’s sonnets, numbers 71 and 29. Moe did some improv with Momo, then read the poem he’d written for the...

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PLU Open Mic Featuring Alecia McKenzie

Posted on 17 Sep 2016 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Paris Lit Up Open Mic was dreamy last Thursday with the delicious poetry and prose of Alicia Mackenzie, whose reading was accompanied by the thoughtful strummings of guitarist Alun Ba.    Karen opened round one with a poem about moments that are like religion, about eyes caressed green, fingers and eyes half closed and pillows for the weary. Moe followed, pitching the upcoming busy poetry and art event ‘Stop the Killing’, before reading his meta poem about wishing he could write poems for wine and cheese parties, and about salves of the healing kind. Gino also detailed the happenings at the Poets for Change and a song about ‘Just Us’ and justice. Laura made her open mic debut with a poem about a street taken over every day by open-mouthed women overflowing with words they don’t mean. Vic invited...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Rhiannon McGavin

Posted on 10 Sep 2016 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

PLU Open Mic was an intense experience last Thursday September 8th with featured poet Rhiannon McGavin. Mo opened round one with a poem about ‘making jazz to  you’, about finding strokes, about getting on, off, etc. James and Jonathan performed a duet to James’ song about gardens older than me and grandma’s begonias that he plants for free. Katie did a smacking cover of 99 luftballons to which the host may or may not have sung along. Simon read two poems, one about an afternoon in the library and silence being the ocean and seeing light in drops of black, the other about a picture taken at 6:30pm. The poem was missing a line and he asked for anyone to find it for him, but the audience failed to follow through and it is probably still missing that line....

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PLU Open Mic featuring Lara Touitou

Posted on 14 Aug 2016 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Open Mic was a quirky-dark funny mélange last Thursday featuring the inimitable prose and forceful ukulele strummings of Lara Touitou. Emily opened round one with a poem by Maggie Smith (the poet, not the actress) about the many ways she shortened her already short life, about the world having as many strangers who will break you than otherwise and many other things she hid from her kids. Gene followed, singing his song “Party Girl” about his youth, asking why he loves a party girl, because every night’s a twirl. Steve read from his second novel “Other Lives for the Desert” a scene in which our budding young trucker-in-learning Johan gets picked up from his hotel at 4:45AM for coursework, and has worn a watch ever since. Ray recited his poem “Untitled”, describing pain even Bob Marley cannot ease, about...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Reginald Barris

Posted on 13 Aug 2016 in News, PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

  Small but mighty we were on Thursday night, with the volume of a thousand times our number, led by the bold and cavalier comedian Reginald Barris. Despite your host’s best efforts at democracy, Fate willed it that René open the evening again with his very own “your coffee’s getting cold” on the gee-tar. Flavie followed, also taking up the strings, and weaving between the bars. VIRGIN and awesomely-named Loch Martini brought up some standup about moving from Paris to Portland, a deadly goose and being mugged by a Disney princess. Finnish Chris might have had a 0% battery problem, but still managed to tell us a *sweet* tale about his friend and some polar bears, which the surprisingly large Scandinavian crowd seemed to enjoy in particular. VIRGIN Erwin pulled out some of his own beautiful fiction about a couple...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Pierre Paco

Posted on 6 Aug 2016 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Open Mic probed into the collective psyche last Thursday under the expert guidance of Pierre Paco. Sam opened the evening assuring everyone that he had once been like us, i.e. a loser, before telling how he became friends with Scott Campbell, renowned paper airplane thrower, thanks to a special Pokémon card. Mo described an awkward date with someone who never danced to James Brown, whose cuticles chewed to the bone discredited her as a vegan. Aditya took the stage as recommended by his own personalized rejection therapy agenda, explored French idioms such as applying pressure to mushrooms and told about shitty velib experiences. Reggie explained that in the dating world he is not a fine wine but rather the kind of greasy cheeseburger that one consumes at 3AM then feels guilty about the next day. Jacklyn, who at 9...

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