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PLU Open Mic featuring René Ghosh

Posted on 24 Mar 2017 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

PLU Open Mic gets off to imagined projected nostalgia with René Ghosh on March 30th. This will be the launch of his new novel, The Memory Monkey, from which he will read. René Ghosh is a Canadian-born novelist and musician who’s lived in Paris since 1999, and remembers how everyone was panicked about the Y2K bug but no one thinks about it anymore except for him. He has written three novels, Puppet Dancers (2015), The Click Shortcuts (2016) and The Memory Monkey (2017). His writing style is magical punk, blending elements of sci-fi and the...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Gene Ruda

Posted on 17 Mar 2017 in Featured, PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Open Mic was a musical travel experience last Thursday at Culture Rapide featuring Gene Ruda. Kelly opened round one with two short poems, about the Great Mother of the decimated jungles and just needing the warm press of love, and then about mommy dearest and tasting the hot edge of anger. Sarah invited all the ways to “fuck me.” Travis read about being a catalyst for change, about a shell inside a dog and flowers into injection molded plastic. Thomas told a story about Fante and her lisp. Jac introduced his current free discussion society event hosted at Chat Noir and read a short story about a Kansas City man pulling at his jeans, holding boots against his chest and asymmetrical steps. Moe read three erotic poems from his I Wanna Make Jazz to You collection. Elia sang “When...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Kelly Odette Dochy

Posted on 10 Mar 2017 in Featured, PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Thursday night continues March 16 with you and the poetry animation of Kelly Odette Dochy. Psychonaut from the Pacific, born in San Diego, California, Kelly Odette Dochy was formed as a 3D animation lighting/post-production artist, and is a published illustrator and poet of French-Mexican origin. She performs periodically at the immersive cabaret night “The Poetry Brothel”, in Paris and New York, under the stage name Lady Lilith. She dreams of forming an art colony, and exploring the...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Sella Malin

Posted on 1 Mar 2017 in Featured, PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Open Mic last night was a groovy & sultry exaltation with the soulful music and poetry of Sella Malin. Audrey La Bombasse kicked things off in Round One with a slam piece about violence and silent battles, which was timed for practice purposes and came in at 3 minutes and 7 seconds. Lauren read a poem about soul incarnated into flesh before singing a touching song accompanying herself on the guitar, “Il y a des conséquences pour tout.” Sierra took the stage or her first time with a powerful poem about about happiness being a side effect, giving her pain buddy a hug, dancing with father Time’s friend, and then another poem about her song and the moist autumn leaves. Timo sang a splendid version of Bob Dylan’s “North Country Blues”, then a song of his own about wolves,...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Zoé Besmond de Senneville

Posted on 17 Feb 2017 in Featured, PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

PLU Open Mic will feature Zoé Besmond de Senneville on Thursday 9th March. Come experience a poetic performance of Parisian purity, laced with the luscious language of an eloquent wordsmith. Zoé is a French actress and poet born and raised in Paris. She has studied acting from Paris to the USA and made her film debut with Marina de Van and Denis Lavant in the adaptation of Thumb O’Neil for Arte. Having recently acted in Srinath Samarasinghe’s On The Skin(Sur La Peau), in 2016 and 2017 she has been onstage with the Makizart/La Poursuite in Molière’s The Miser, and with the collective Les Jenous in The Miracle of the Deglingue.  Zoé has been creating poetry since 2015 and performs here and there with visual artists such as Zoé Stark and 3615. Zoé est une comédienne et poète basée à Paris. Elle s’est formée entre les Etats-Unis et Paris  ...

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PLU Open Mic with Filippa Bahrke

Posted on 3 Feb 2017 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Come and join us on February 9, 2017, when we celebrate our weekly open mic with our featured performer Filippa Bahrke! Sign-up starts at 8pm, the stage comes to life around 8.30/45pm. Filippa Bahrke is 24, and recently released her debut poetry chapbook “Elsewhere”, published by Corrupt Press. Her poems have previously featured in an anthology and various magazines, and she was the winner of the 2016 PNSEL Poetry Prize. Originally from Sweden, she earned her degree in Literature with Creative Writing in London, and currently resides in...

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PLU Open Mic with Maysan Nasser

Posted on 27 Jan 2017 in PLU Open Mic, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Open mic was a transportive experience with an amazing feature by Maysan who stunned the attendance into a wondrous silence with the most compelling poetry ever. Round one opened with Fred comic-ing away on themes of sleep, showing one’s underwear, seatbelts and penis enlargement. Jac delivered a poem with empty bottles next to beds, crying, not crying, talking to oneself. Drnb transformed the stage onto a dancefloor with his stunning bright orange led belt lighting up the place to the tune of “You love me some days but it’s not all days”. Lara A asked if everyone had Tinder but already knew the answer and explained about looking for gold. She has a dramatic mind. She takes photos of people crying. Charlie offered everyone fin-sized m&ms and used issues of the New Yorker, before delivering a poem about a...

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PLU Open Mic with Jason Stoneking

Posted on 20 Jan 2017 in PLU Open Mic, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Join PLU Jan 26 for an evening of intoxicating words and a decent bar. We have the pleasure of welcoming as our featured performer Jason Stoneking, a man of honest expression and flowing verses. Jason Stoneking is a poet, essayist, and occasional performance artist who has been reading his work live for more than 25 years. He is the author of two volumes of poetry and four essay collections, a handful of screenplays, and one punk rock album (that he knows of). He divides his time between writing, playing chess, and generally making trouble for the good people of Paris. Additional information about him can be found in more places than he would like to admit. (Photo by Sabine...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Marin Fouqué

Posted on 15 Jan 2017 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Join PLU Jan 19th for a special hardcore session with French poet, rapper and badass Marin Marien. For everyone else, sign up is free and open to all forms of expression, starting at 20h. Marin Marien est un jeune poète et artiste plasticien. Considère la prose comme combat, les vers en mitraille. Dans sa bouche : rap, râles et poésie-à-pompe. Né dans le 77, au milieu des champs, monte sur la ville, jeune, découvre le rap, étudie cinq ans dans une école, obtient un permis pour faire de l’art, pratique la vidéo, l’installation, le parcours de performance, forme un binôme appelé Les Bauréales avec Eden Tinto Collins, attaque la poésie-action, rentre dans l’Armée Noire, continue en solo avec des projets comme Marin Marien, Marien CRS, Le Mutin, Marin, Marin Fouke, collabore avec Marius Loris, fait de la B.D. avec Michel, anime...

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PLU Open Mic with Matt Longabucco

Posted on 6 Jan 2017 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Matt Longabucco is the author of the chapbooks The Sober Day (DoubleCross Press, 2016) and Everybody Suffers: The Selected Poems of Juan García Madero (O’Clock Press, 2014). Other work has appeared recently in Prelude, Haunt, and The Brooklyn Rail. He is a co-founder of Wendy’s Subway, an independent library and meeting space for writers, artists, and readers. He teaches at New York University and Bard College, and lives in...

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