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Ivy Writers Paris & PLU feat. Jason Stoneking, Donald Tournier, Bremner Duthie and George Vance

Posted on 2 Oct 2017 in Ivy Writers |

PLU celebrates its 4th edition while discovering more artists and getting ready to start work on PLU5! Ivy Writers Paris is a monthly bilingual experimental poetry reading series curated by Jennifer K. Dick that brings together the music of two languages: French and English. For their special Rentrée (post-vacation/back-to-work) edition, we will be treated to performances from Jason Stoneking, Donald Tournier, Bremner Duthie and George Vance. October 3, 2017 at CAFE DU PONT NEUF, 14 Quai du Louvre, 75001 Paris 7:30PM BREMNER DUTHIE GEORGE VANCE JASON STONEKING DONALD TOURNIER Rentrée Evening IWP with Paris Lit Up issue 4 featuring Jason Stoneking and Donald Tournier, returning once-local Paris poet George Vance (on leave from Guadaloupe!) and all of this alongside the styling showmanship of Bremner Duthie, who will be sharing some of his recent songs with us! It is a rare opportunity Ivy...

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PLU Magazine n°3 Launch Party

Posted on 31 Aug 2015 in Belleville Park Pages, Ivy Writers, News, Poets Live |

It’s time to celebrate! Back for the 3rd edition of our annual Paris Lit Up Magazine Launch Party, we’re bringing you a whole day – and a long night – of poetry, art, music, dance, food and fun! Entry is FREE!  Hosted at Paris’ premier alternative space La Petite Maison and in collaboration with the global event 100 Thousand Poets for Change, we’ll be featuring the French post-rock group Aymé along with some barebones rhythm & blues by The Bowling Team and the Celtic harper, singer, songwriter and poet Ken Parsons. With live painting by international artists María Argüelles, Alison Koehler and 36.15, readings and performances by 50+ local and international poets and writers, musicians and dancers, wholesome food and drinks and a new magazine, this will be a night to remember. *NEW!* We’ll also be premiering a short documentary Allumé about Paris Lit...

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Ivy Writers – Eleni Sikelianos, Vanessa Place, Marc Perrin

Posted on 19 Nov 2014 in Ivy Writers |

Paris Lit Up was lurking at the back of the room with a terrible camera at the bilingual poetry evening Ivy Writers this week featuring Eleni Sikelianos, Vanessa Place and Marc Perrin. Eleni, currently in residence at Paris 8, brought along her translator for some interesting dual-readings, then read from an as-yet untitled collection that she is close to finishing. The question and nature of happiness was a running motif throughout her pieces. “This is the poem that will tell you how to live” Vanessa Place is, as Dazed called her “the super cynical dark overlord of the poetry world,” from her unsettling smooth cadence to her calculated pacing across the stage. She read us one long piece, a suicide note, that had everybody in the audience transfixed. “When you kick the bucket you bucket list dies with you” Mark Perrin...

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Ivy Writers – Gwenn le Metayer, Kate Noakes, Frederic Benhaim

Posted on 4 Mar 2014 in Ivy Writers |

Review by Helen Cusack O’Keeffe. Ivy Writers was hosted by the lovely Grace Teshima of Montmartre and featured Poet/Chanteuse Gwenn Lemétayer, followed by Poets Kate Noakes and Frédéric Benhaim. Lemétayer opened with a long poem on the subject of la vie quotidienne, painting the fabric of city existence as a backdrop to the niceties of the individual and the family. The piece is published along with others in Les Réfusés. Lemétayer also closed the evening with a few songs. Noakes presented some new work from her new, piratically titled collection: I-Spy And Shanty. Musings on her grandfather’s medals, herds of San Francisco bison, and married life. Lucid, at times Heaneyesque, and whimsical in the details. Benhaim took on a tour of the shops, the windows mostly, but didn’t forget the animals and ex-socialist berets of Montmartre: le concert d’animaux captifs… chats, chiens, poisons… Prends-moi!...

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Ivy Writers featuring Luc Bénazet and Michael Heller

Posted on 1 Dec 2013 in Ivy Writers, Video clips |

Review by Yann Rousselot. Le Next is a trendy bar and nightclub in the heart of the 2nd arrondissement hosting the Ivy Writers poetry readings once a month. In the batcave below, under the blacklights, red LED strings and glowing play/pause button decorations strung across the vaulted ceiling, an intellectual cultural event could appear a little out of place to some. But I disagree: who said literature wasn’t cool anymore? Micheal Heller was the first of the evening’s readers. He picked out a selection of poems from what I at first took for a telephone book, but turned out to be a copy of his collected works. In his own words: “Great for pressing your wine bottle labels, or as a doorstop…” Opening with his piece Seven Praises, Michael expressed commandments of what seemed to me a rich, fun,...

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Ivy Writers – Peter Cockelbergh and Jacques Rebotier

Posted on 18 Nov 2013 in Ivy Writers, Video clips |

Review by Missy Green. Ivy Writers presented at a new venue last week – Next, (an appropriately named bar being the next bar to host Ivy Writers after the painfully-slow-to-get-a-drink-loud-salsa-dancing Delaville café. Next had none of the classical look of the previous venue. The bar was modern, dark and glowing with paneled colored lights which made me think “no way this is where the reading is.” But my friends, we should always remember that the magic happens underground. In the basement we heard spectacular poetry by two poets, the young Belgian poet Peter Cockelbergh and the seasoned French poet Jacques Rébotier. Arpine Konyalian Grenier was due to read but unfortunately couldn’t make it after having broken a bone or two or three. Peter Cockelbergh’s style is multilingual and musical. His words travels through daily life and common things such...

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Ivy Writers – James Brookes, Pierre Drogi, Kate Noakes

Posted on 30 Oct 2013 in Ivy Writers |

Reviewed by Missy Green. The old brothel at Delaville Café got steamy Tuesday night for a session of French and English poetry. The line up was diverse with Kate Noakes painting colorful snapshots of the old colony in Cape Town and James Brooks digging into British and French empires with his pen. Pierre Drogi touched on nature, mystery, and (oh la la just in time for Halloween) magic in his works.   Kate Noakes brought us into the silver-green-and-yellow scenery of Cape Town with short poems which brought to light one or two people per poem and the curious foreign-feeling of being in South Africa. The lady selling fish or the children selling fruit along the highways become Kate’s portraits, impressive (nice fish!), yet lost, “in another country I would have known the name of the fish.” Her portrait...

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Ivy Writers – Jerome Rothenberg and Yves di Manno

Posted on 24 Sep 2013 in Ivy Writers, Video clips |

Review by Paul Stephenson. On Tuesday 1 October Ivy Writers, the bilingual reading series that take place once a month, welcomed francophone poet, Yves di Manno, and Anglophone poet, Jerome Rothenberg – two poets who know each other and each other’s work well: besides travelling the length and breadth of France together, Yves has translated ‘Jerry’, among other poets (Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound). In fact it was the second time this year that Rothenberg had read at Ivy Writers, this time to a packed cellar at Le Next with an audience of more than 30 people. Yves di Manno read first, announcing it would be a strange reading – ‘un programme de lecture un peu bizarre’ – but which wasn’t so odd after all. He began with two passages of Jerry’s work inspired by Lorca, which he had translated....

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Ivy Writers – Rebecca Wolff, Graham Foust, Samuel Frederick, Paul Laborde

Posted on 16 Jul 2013 in Ivy Writers |

Review by Missy Green. Photographs courtesy of Kate Noakes. Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick are freshly returned from Germany, uncovering the works of the misfit 20th century poet Ernst Meister in an obscure technical university.  Poised in plush chairs in front of a cozy mantelplace, the two looked like they would tell bedtime stories rather than dark, dense, cerebral poems from Meister’s work.  Samuel read the originals in its fierce native German, then Graham followed reading the poems in English from their joint translations and confirming our notion from the unnerving look on Samuel’s face that these were chilling poems with vivid, disturbing imagery comprised of stars, brains, and unnamable milk, to name a few. The tone was dismal and palid with such memorable lines as:“You die in contingency or leisure”, “buckets of blood…human water”, “decay…one leaf…. death’s loosened eyelash”, “Thunderstorms rumbling read our faces‘...

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Ivy Writers – Colour Treasury

Posted on 23 Jun 2013 in Ivy Writers |

Review by Rebecca Larkin. The evening began with an impromptu reading by Jennifer K. Dick and Jacob Bromberg from Colour Treasury 003, an innovative newspaper-format object which integrates both text and image. This is the third in the Colour Treasury series, a concept which originates from Sarah Lariviere’s move from Paris to Texas. To keep her creativity going, she asked artist friends to send her their work, both visual and text, which she would then synthesize into an object – and three beautiful editions have now been created. Jennifer read several of her other poems, themed around Greece. These were movingly read, and full of life. Jacob was next to read his dynamic yet thoughtful poetry, a memorable line being:´you, little moon, you climb out of my throat-bed.´ It was a treat to hear the curators of the Ivy Writers...

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