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French Poetry Grand Slam on Thursday May 26

Posted on 23 May 2016 in PLU Slam Poetry | 0 comments

No PLU Open Mic this week. Instead, all week-long, Culture Rapide will play host to the French Poetry Grand Slam!...

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PLU Slam with Winona Linn

Posted on 16 Feb 2016 in PLU Slam Poetry | 0 comments

Another great slam night with Paris Lit Up! We started the night off with a solemn, moving poem by Maxx, about the friends he lost at the Bataclan this past fall. Although much too long for a traditional slam poem, the importance of his words far outweighed competition rules, which we ended up scrapping later on anyway! Time penalties? What time penalties? Next up was Cait, with a charming ukulele love song (we’re a permissive slam) followed by Flavie’s poem about falling asleep with the ‘flu. Jason gave us a sneak peek of a long, looping, longing poem complete with pedals and projections, that he will be performing in Italy on the PLU tour of this year. Steve’s lyrical words ached with loss. Putingrad mayor Ryan read his business cards, which gave 86 clear reasons why we should all hire...

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PLU Open Mic & Slam Competition – Hosted by Winona Linn

Posted on 13 Oct 2015 in PLU Open Mic, PLU Slam Poetry | 0 comments

Last Thursday (October 17th), PLU started our 2015/16 slam season! It was a great turnout for such a rainy Paris night. Performances in a variety of genres by both PLU regulars and shiny new faces lit up (see what I did there?) the bar. We started the evening off with a Canadian transplant, Jeff Cottrill, who gave us helpful advice on how to write a slam poem, complete with clichés and not-so-subtle subtlety. Then we were treated to a string ensemble (The Old Men of Storr), who lulled the room into a medieval hush. Our slammers that evening were: Edouardo, Message Folk, Maria, Amruta, Flavie, Yasser, Avi, GTM, Bibi, and Maxx. As it was our first slam of the season, we allowed for an “anything goes” atmosphere, so we had cover poems and songs as well as individual pieces. Edouardo started off...

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