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PLU Magazine n°3 Launch Party

Posted on 31 Aug 2015 in Belleville Park Pages, Ivy Writers, News, Poets Live | 0 comments

It’s time to celebrate! Back for the 3rd edition of our annual Paris Lit Up Magazine Launch Party, we’re bringing you a whole day – and a long night – of poetry, art, music, dance, food and fun! Entry is FREE!  Hosted at Paris’ premier alternative space La Petite Maison and in collaboration with the global event 100 Thousand Poets for Change, we’ll be featuring the French post-rock group Aymé along with some barebones rhythm & blues by The Bowling Team and the Celtic harper, singer, songwriter and poet Ken Parsons. With live painting by international artists María Argüelles, Alison Koehler and 36.15, readings and performances by 50+ local and international poets and writers, musicians and dancers, wholesome food and drinks and a new magazine, this will be a night to remember. *NEW!* We’ll also be premiering a short documentary Allumé about Paris Lit...

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Paris Lit Up Slam Competitions – 1, 2, 3 Down for the count

Posted on 4 Mar 2015 in News, PLU Open Mic, Poets Live | 0 comments

Paris Lit Up is holding its first-ever Slam Competitions! In preparation for the Grand Slam 2015, we’re training at our open Slam Poetry Workshops, hosted by Slam Champion Megan Bullick every other week. Once you’re all buffed up, you’ll have the chance to take the gloves off in any of our 3 Slam Competitions! The First Competition will be held on Wednesday, March 11 at 8:30pm at La Mutinerie (176 rue Saint-Martin, 75003, Paris) The Second Competition will be hosted by Poets Live and held on Tuesday, April 7th at Berkeley Books (8 Rue Casimir Delavigne, 75006, Paris) The Third Competition will be hosted at Paris Lit Up Open Mic on Thursday, May 7th at Culture Rapide (103 rue Julien Lacroix, 75020, Paris) The winners of the three slams will compete in a final slam to determine who will continue onwards to the Coupe...

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Poets Live – Elizabeth Willis, Eugene Ostashevsky, Alberto Rigettini

Posted on 4 Mar 2015 in Poets Live, Video clips | 0 comments

Poets Live held another evening of poetry, courtesy of Berkeley Books of Paris. Kelly Dochy was on hand to film a few minutes of the performance for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, one of the invited poets, Elizabeth Willis, was unable to make the evening, but both Eugene Ostashevsky and Alberto Rigettini were on hand. Lost somewhere between poetry and prose in English, Russian, Italian and Dante’s volgare, this evening was truly an amazing exhibition of linguistic acrobatics. Check it out for yourself here below. Elizabeth Willis is the author of Alive: New and Selected Poems, forthcoming from New York Review Books in April 2015. Her other books of poetry include Address (Wesleyan, 2011); Meteoric Flowers (Wesleyan, 2006); Turneresque (Burning Deck, 2003); and The Human Abstract (Penguin, 1995), a National Poetry Series selection. Her critical work includes the editing of Radical Vernacular: Lorine...

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Poets Live – G. Louise Cooper & Zorro Maplestone

Posted on 12 Feb 2015 in Poets Live, Video clips | 0 comments

On Tuesday, Poets Live gathered once again at their new venue, Berkeley Books of Paris, for a special look into what acting can bring to a text, featuring G. Louise Cooper and Zorro Maplestone. The packed audience enjoyed an offering of monologues from different time periods and around the world that engaged with the natural poetics of language in innovative or confrontational ways. The particular difference between drama and poetry that Lou and Zorro will explore is the idea of the moment of creation. We’ve brought you a short clip and some photos of the evening. Enjoy!   Raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, G.Louise Cooper began her work in the theatre in community productions at the age of thirteen. Continuing from there she attended Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan where she took a BA in Theatre. In her time at university...

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Poets Live – Alice Notley

Posted on 30 Nov 2014 in Poets Live | 0 comments

Join Poets Live this week as the host one of the most prominent living American poets: Alice Notley. Professional Status and Brief Biography I’m the author of more than thirty-five books of poetry and prose. I’ve been a full-time poet since 1970, supporting myself by poetry-connected activity: readings, publication, part-time teaching of creative writing, grants, awards, etc. I am associated by friendships and sometimes by style with the second-generation New York School poets. I have been married twice, to the American poet Ted Berrigan and to the British poet Douglas Oliver (I have been widowed twice), and I have two sons, Anselm and Edmund Berrigan, who are both poets. At this point I consider myself to be an internationalist and certainly of my own poetry school. I tend to write book-length or epic poems and am very prolific. As far...

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Poets Live – Christodoulos Makris, Freke Räihä, Carole Birkan, Will Cox

Posted on 1 Nov 2014 in Poets Live, Video clips | 0 comments

This Tuesday Poets Live brought international poetry from Ireland, Sweden, England and the US to Carr’s Pub for a special evening. Paris Lit Up was especially happy to see the introduction of Poets Live “New Voices” guests as a part of a growing local scene here in Paris. We managed to catch a couple of moments on video and hope you’ll enjoy them. Be sure to check out Poets Live’s page here on PLU or their website: once a month they offer great poetry to the city of light.     Christodoulos Makris grew up in Nicosia and has also lived in Manchester, London, and since 2001 in Dublin. His new book The Architecture of Chance is forthcoming from Wurm Press. Previous books include Spitting Out the Mother Tongue (Wurm Press, 2011) and the artist’s book Muses Walk (2012). He is co-editor of Centrifugal: Contemporary Poetry from...

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Poets Live – An evening of poetry and music

Posted on 11 Oct 2014 in Poets Live, Video clips | 0 comments

Deep in the cave of Paris’ oldest Irish pub, Poets Live continued their 2014-2015 reading series with English poet, Paris resident Patrick Williamson and an amazing quartet of Irish poets and musicians who came all the way over the Channel just for us. We managed to capture a couple of moments on video and hope you will enjoy them. Poets Live is held once a month, check out their website to find out when or take a look at Paris Lit Up Calendar for Poets Live events and more literary events in Paris. Patrick Williamson is an English poet who currently lives near Paris. He has published a dozen books of translations and poetry, and recently branched out into music and filmpoems (Exile for FIFE 2014, as part of the Festival franco-anglaise de poèsie, and Afterwords, set to music...

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Poets Live – Rod Mengham, Marc Atkins, Dylan Harris, Kate Noakes

Posted on 18 Sep 2014 in Poets Live | 0 comments

Poets Live kicked off their 2014-2105 season last Thursday down in the basement of Paris’ oldest Irish bar, Carr’s Pub. Reading were Rod Mengham, Marc Atkins, Dylan Harris and Kate Noakes. Paris Lit Up was on the case and here below you can get a quick glimpse of some of the poetry and prose that we had the pleasure of hearing. Poets Live is a monthly reading series, so be sure to see them at their next session on October 14th!   Rod Mengham teaches English Literature at Cambridge University and is Curator of Works of Art at Jesus College. He has published monographs and edited collections of essays on C19,C20 and C21 fiction and poetry; poetry anthologies Altered State: the New Polish Poetry [ed. Mengham, Pioro, Szymor] (2003), Vanishing Points: New Modernist Poems [ed. Kinsella, Mengham](2005); poetry, including Unsung: New...

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Poets Live – Marion McCready, Romual Kabore, Afric McGlinchey

Posted on 13 Apr 2014 in Poets Live | 0 comments

Review by Annie Brechin. A landmark in Poets Live history – the first evening of poetry and dance. We were treated to two excellent writers and one very beautiful dancer. It definitely opened up the interpretation of what could be called movement poetry. Scottish poet Marion McCready started us off with quietly visceral poems of birth and landscape from her forthcoming book, Tree Language. Poems where roses were not described romantically but rather as “uterine”, “fists of women who have gone to war”, where the poet admitted “I have been known to birth a mountain whole” – poems which evoked the elemental in her rugged native landscape. Some beautiful turns of phrase stood out, such as in a poem about a hunting trip to the Isle of Lewis, during which “a gulp of birds” troubled the air. The amazing...

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Poets Live – Poetry in Translation

Posted on 17 Mar 2014 in Poets Live | 0 comments

Review by Louisa Dunnigan for PLU. Translation is tough. Translation of poetry is even tougher. Words, sound, meaning, rhythm, image, line breaks – the poet translator must engage with them all. Inevitably, something gets lost. Dryden once described the dangers of translating just the sense of a poem: “Tis much like dancing on Ropes with fetter’d Leggs,” he wrote, “A man may shun a fall by using Caution, but the gracefulness of Motion is not to be expected”. The translators at Poets Live on March 25th were dancing with full graceful abandon.  From Arabic to Russian, via Italian and Chinese, the audience was swept through soundscapes as various as the landscapes described in their poetry. If any of the poets were actually dancing, however, it was Omar Berrada and Sarah Riggs as they read their translations of some of...

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