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PLU Open Mic featuring Louise Cooper

Posted on 4 Sep 2015 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

The PLU Open Mic 2015-2016 season is already in full swing with a packed house, 25+ performers, 8 virgins and our special guest Louise Cooper. Round 1 included performances by Fun King Nero swooning It’s a cliché to say that I love you on his guitar, René previewing his new book and explaining how to best Cheat on exams and virgin Inua promoting The Midnight Run and reciting two poems, Directions and Dear Tina. Andy, his virgin partner in crime, gave us some Icebreakers, followed by Moe retiring the badassness of the 100 Thousand Poets for Change Event on September 26th. Tim, virgin n°3, sang out Magnetic north with harmonica and guitar and then our special guest Louise Cooper did this: Round 2 began with the virgin sacrifice of Anna strumming When you’re down and out, followed by a...

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PLU Comedy feat. Alexander van Walsum

Posted on 30 Aug 2015 in PLU Comedy, PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

To kick off the new year (in September), PLU had its first comedy night hosted by Fred Eyangoh (I’m actually typing this. Hi, how are you?). The overall good news is that he only had to shush hecklers three times. For Culture Rapide, that’s a good night. Round 1 started with Kamel aka L’Insaisissable, who delivered a beautiful love poem, with Rafik playing the guitar. Dave was the first one to tell a joke, even before the host. Full discolsure: it was about eggs. Bridget read a story that turned out to be the best Tinder ad ever, because meeting creeps on the Internet is also a valid hobby. Alan offered us the strangest (and only) video of the night, a work of art which must be the first one to contain the words “Jews in space” (Spaceballs doesn’t count). The master of the house Jason read the first part of...

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PLU Open Mic feat. Evan Laflamme

Posted on 24 Aug 2015 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

Finishing out the summer with style in three long rounds of poetry, music and prose together with our special (jet-lagged) guest Evan Laflamme from Los Angeles, CA. A rip roaring Round 1 saw a plethora of anglo accents starting with Charlotte and her Idea of the lightning bug, Be kind to the wolf and a dedication to Rodin’s Kiss. Swinging for the States was Vesko‘s bilingual Carnivalesque, followed by the boy wonder from down under, Thomas recounting the travails of a poet to recover language in his beautiful Lost for words. Vic put a little French-Calypso beat to Throw me open the door and James reminded us that You are born from water, finishing off with The woman in the story. Henry did some hot freestyling and Talking about sex. Evan took to the stage with his horn and his falsetto...

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PLU Open Mic feat. Moe Seager Blue Jazz Trio

Posted on 14 Aug 2015 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

Jam session Paris Lit Up with over six musicians and spontaneous collaborations all night long! René began the evening with a post-coital discussion, Vesko was stuck in a Cubical, David took a train to Siberia, Nadine lost her virginity with Duality, Henry busted out some freestyle about his Problems, Ham was a virgin standup comedian, Eli recited Mantras in the sand dunes of his lost virginity, and Moe Seager Jazzed it up. Round two saw: Fun King Nero home from a ten country tour, Eduardo with his Italian accented L’amour à Belleville, James was Red and lonely, Maria sang Romantic Opera, Alison‘s blue mood, Milena Elettra‘s self-ironic love song, Blue Wit and T.S. Elliot’s samba… But, really, you should just watch the video clip:   Come jam out your hot summer night in the company of the Moe Seager Blue...

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Poets Live – Elizabeth Willis, Eugene Ostashevsky, Alberto Rigettini

Posted on 4 Mar 2015 in Poets Live, Video clips | 0 comments

Poets Live held another evening of poetry, courtesy of Berkeley Books of Paris. Kelly Dochy was on hand to film a few minutes of the performance for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, one of the invited poets, Elizabeth Willis, was unable to make the evening, but both Eugene Ostashevsky and Alberto Rigettini were on hand. Lost somewhere between poetry and prose in English, Russian, Italian and Dante’s volgare, this evening was truly an amazing exhibition of linguistic acrobatics. Check it out for yourself here below. Elizabeth Willis is the author of Alive: New and Selected Poems, forthcoming from New York Review Books in April 2015. Her other books of poetry include Address (Wesleyan, 2011); Meteoric Flowers (Wesleyan, 2006); Turneresque (Burning Deck, 2003); and The Human Abstract (Penguin, 1995), a National Poetry Series selection. Her critical work includes the editing of Radical Vernacular: Lorine...

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Poets Live – G. Louise Cooper & Zorro Maplestone

Posted on 12 Feb 2015 in Poets Live, Video clips | 0 comments

On Tuesday, Poets Live gathered once again at their new venue, Berkeley Books of Paris, for a special look into what acting can bring to a text, featuring G. Louise Cooper and Zorro Maplestone. The packed audience enjoyed an offering of monologues from different time periods and around the world that engaged with the natural poetics of language in innovative or confrontational ways. The particular difference between drama and poetry that Lou and Zorro will explore is the idea of the moment of creation. We’ve brought you a short clip and some photos of the evening. Enjoy!   Raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, G.Louise Cooper began her work in the theatre in community productions at the age of thirteen. Continuing from there she attended Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan where she took a BA in Theatre. In her time at university...

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St. Libertine’s Poetry Art Orgy feat. Lisa Dalla Via

Posted on 28 Jan 2015 in News, Video clips | 0 comments

A bilingual celebration of poetry, art, music and love featuring the Italian burlesque beauty of Lisa Dalla Via Tired of celebrating the platonic idea of Love on February 14th? Want to love 2, 3, 10 people at once? Join Paris Lit Up as we celebrate St. Libertine’s Day 2015 – an evening of creative art and love inspired by the Bacchanalian orgies of old. Back at the autonomous artistic squat Hangar 56, and together with Slamburger et Haiku, we’re launching ourselves headlong into a night of hedonistic debauchery, celebrating the themes love and sex, kisses and orgies, and all forms of creativity and artistic exchange. On stage you’ll find romantic encounters where poets, dancers and graffiti artists, actors and musicians, rappers and sculptors meet, touch and caress each other: all forms of diversity and plurality of creation will form a unique artistic orgy. Our featured...

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Poets Live – Christodoulos Makris, Freke Räihä, Carole Birkan, Will Cox

Posted on 1 Nov 2014 in Poets Live, Video clips | 0 comments

This Tuesday Poets Live brought international poetry from Ireland, Sweden, England and the US to Carr’s Pub for a special evening. Paris Lit Up was especially happy to see the introduction of Poets Live “New Voices” guests as a part of a growing local scene here in Paris. We managed to catch a couple of moments on video and hope you’ll enjoy them. Be sure to check out Poets Live’s page here on PLU or their website: once a month they offer great poetry to the city of light.     Christodoulos Makris grew up in Nicosia and has also lived in Manchester, London, and since 2001 in Dublin. His new book The Architecture of Chance is forthcoming from Wurm Press. Previous books include Spitting Out the Mother Tongue (Wurm Press, 2011) and the artist’s book Muses Walk (2012). He is co-editor of Centrifugal: Contemporary Poetry from...

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PLU Open Mic Halloween Costume Contest

Posted on 28 Oct 2014 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

Be prepared to be terrified, as we relive the frightful (ly excellent) goings on from the night before Halloween… *SCREAM* Kurt Cobain was first down our hallowed halls, haunting us with rubies, white lilies and many unanswered questions. The terrifyingly dapper Elliot forced us into the West Wycombe Women’s Prison, and the ghost of Van Gogh was poe-fectly petrifying. There’s never enough Poe in the underworld, so your host sat her team of ravens above  her chamber  the Culture Rapide door. Janice, from the famous Ford of Guilds, hopped 9 times for an epitaph and 1000 monkeys*. Clayton and his guitar were loathe to admit they was new to Paris. Dónall, also of the 1000 monkeys*, got used to being dead, or almost (thankfully). The beautiful Black Swan was into The Black Art (Anne Sexton) and Gus took Eileen...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Megan Bullick

Posted on 12 Oct 2014 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

With a featured reader like Megan Bullick, we were hardly surprised to see Culture Rapide packed out, sitting on the floor and crowding in at the door for our Open Mic on October 16. Missed it? Couldn’t see over people’s heads? Here’s who did what: Thomas should be your next children’ author, but make sure he brings the right text – Mrs Prudence Fig Jane. Christian knows the only way to get people’s attention is through a Drsought. Anna is actually the daughter of Kafka – no surprise there. Alex wrote an unnumbered lesson to himself, and Chronos gave us peace, love, and an envelope. Elliot gave us the first 2 chapters of his novel with its “psychopathic queer narrator”. Naniso (virgin!) told his son how to kiss a girl properly we met upon the cliffs of life Kate...

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