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PLU Open Mic Halloween Costume Contest

Posted on 28 Oct 2014 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

Be prepared to be terrified, as we relive the frightful (ly excellent) goings on from the night before Halloween… *SCREAM* Kurt Cobain was first down our hallowed halls, haunting us with rubies, white lilies and many unanswered questions. The terrifyingly dapper Elliot forced us into the West Wycombe Women’s Prison, and the ghost of Van Gogh was poe-fectly petrifying. There’s never enough Poe in the underworld, so your host sat her team of ravens above  her chamber  the Culture Rapide door. Janice, from the famous Ford of Guilds, hopped 9 times for an epitaph and 1000 monkeys*. Clayton and his guitar were loathe to admit they was new to Paris. Dónall, also of the 1000 monkeys*, got used to being dead, or almost (thankfully). The beautiful Black Swan was into The Black Art (Anne Sexton) and Gus took Eileen...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Megan Bullick

Posted on 12 Oct 2014 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

With a featured reader like Megan Bullick, we were hardly surprised to see Culture Rapide packed out, sitting on the floor and crowding in at the door for our Open Mic on October 16. Missed it? Couldn’t see over people’s heads? Here’s who did what: Thomas should be your next children’ author, but make sure he brings the right text – Mrs Prudence Fig Jane. Christian knows the only way to get people’s attention is through a Drsought. Anna is actually the daughter of Kafka – no surprise there. Alex wrote an unnumbered lesson to himself, and Chronos gave us peace, love, and an envelope. Elliot gave us the first 2 chapters of his novel with its “psychopathic queer narrator”. Naniso (virgin!) told his son how to kiss a girl properly we met upon the cliffs of life Kate...

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Poets Live – An evening of poetry and music

Posted on 11 Oct 2014 in Poets Live, Video clips | 0 comments

Deep in the cave of Paris’ oldest Irish pub, Poets Live continued their 2014-2015 reading series with English poet, Paris resident Patrick Williamson and an amazing quartet of Irish poets and musicians who came all the way over the Channel just for us. We managed to capture a couple of moments on video and hope you will enjoy them. Poets Live is held once a month, check out their website to find out when or take a look at Paris Lit Up Calendar for Poets Live events and more literary events in Paris. Patrick Williamson is an English poet who currently lives near Paris. He has published a dozen books of translations and poetry, and recently branched out into music and filmpoems (Exile for FIFE 2014, as part of the Festival franco-anglaise de poèsie, and Afterwords, set to music...

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Montmartre Dionysia III – Of honeyed words but evil mind

Posted on 11 Oct 2014 in Montmartre Dionysia, News, Video clips | 0 comments

From 1st – 6th of December 2014. The Montmartre Dionysia is a showcase of original English-language theatre in Paris. Twice a year, playwrights, directors, actors, volunteers, and theatre-lovers meet for a week-long celebration of new theatre. The Montmartre Dionysia is, at heart, a competition. Four original plays, each shown twice, compete for the best play and best actor prizes. But it’s also grown into a larger festival: its third edition sees six other plays participating off-competition. See the programme for directions, times, participants, etc. Find out how to participate, whether it be by writing, acting, or volunteering....

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PLU Open Mic featuring Marilyn McCabe

Posted on 2 Oct 2014 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

Epically late night at PLU last week with a packed house and too much alcohol. The poetry wasn’t too bad either. And even more people got their hands on Paris Lit Up Magazine n°2. Round 1 began with class: Nick recited John Fuller‘s Valentine and Chronos lit a candle for love. René, our premier J.D. Salinger lookalike, read an extract from his novel in progress, and Cecilia (V) came all the way from Santa Monica, CA to read us her short story A Syrian Doctor in Paris. Tumbleweed Will Cox rolled in from Shake’s, BPP in hand, with a Silicon Man of Farm and Forest and Ghosts and Small Business then Christian recited Audre Lorde‘s Who Said It Was Simple et. al. with Sierra coming right up behind him (with great nails) and Me In Paradise and Magician from...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Boomie Aglietti

Posted on 29 Sep 2014 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

Writeup by Emily Ruck rocket Keene, photos by Krystal Kenney “What happened at Paris Lit Up open mic on October 2?” everyone’s asking. Well, don’t tell a soul, but… Eliott READ FROM A BOOK! Chronos looked ravishing in a red wig and Hamza led the virginal troops with Oceanic Skin and Contrast. Charlie, a sort-of-virgin, read the world’s safest poem and lamented the loss of his je ne sais quoi, Isabelle brought a bouquet of purple and white flowers before whisking us off on her magic carpet, and Gus slammed us into silence before running off to finish his masterpiece. Hilary won herself a PLU First Award by taking her shoes of and taking a dip into the Culture Rapide floor, and Will shared some exciting updates about the awesome Belleville Park Pages. Anna jumped on her Harley Davidson,...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Steve Dalachinsky

Posted on 13 Sep 2014 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

Hosted by Bob D. with photos & vids by JFMcG. It was an exuberant three-rounder at Culture Rapide tonight with an exceptional performance by our special guest reader, Steve Dalachinsky, and stellar compositions by over 20 readers, musicians and dancers. Voyages — literal, metaphorical, transcendent — were an over-arching theme traversing the night’s literary landscape. Round 1 Jason started off the evening with Mortality of Metamorphosis, a prose passage on the changing forms of “true mortals.” Will shared sculptural opportunities followed by a long stare at the Joneses. Engendered by Borges, James journeyed to labyrinths and sphinxes with sonnet stop from e.e. cummings. Antonia ruminated on postcards, films and truth in Another Kodak Moment and the aftermath of When Death was a little Boy. Yann revealed “man bears” in Skirt Season and the ecology of The Human Micro-Biome. Parisians...

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PLU Open Mic feat. Nicole Peyraffite, Pierre Joris

Posted on 24 Aug 2014 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

Hosted by JFMcG. Photos (mostly) by Bob. Well, that’s it. We’ve survived the Augustness of Paris and demonstrated that life does exist in the City of Light throughout the summer. This week was no exception: from our guest readers Nicole Peyraffite and Pierre Joris (with nearly 100 books to their names), to our twenty-some readers including five sacrificial virgins, the last night of PLU Summer Edition left little to be desired. First round included Steve’s last performance which came in the form of an Ode: “This place never ceases to amaze…” …followed by Bob’s Love of Psychosis and the virgin Ishmael’s Poet’s Republic of Brixton reading Can you hear me?, If heaven was a day away and One judge. Chronos mixed French, English and Russian, James (V) did a kissing + signing Duet, and then dedicated Strong house and...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Steve Nahaj

Posted on 8 Aug 2014 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

Deep into August, only the diehard Parisian writers and poets floated through the empty streets of the City of Light up the hill to Belleville. Bob was a Dead Poet or a Lesson in Comedy, Emily began her midlife crisis publicly with Marry Me (or not), Bill came back with The Aftertaste of Something Strange and Delicious followed by something Homemade and Sweet Smelling – he musta had a great dinner before coming. Nick, last week’s special guest, gave a proper lecture entitled The Poet’s Place in this Day and Age, although he initially thought about calling it The Place of the Poet in this Day and Age – a deep, philosophically nuanced choice. Megan reported injustice and Chronos flipped between English, French and David Bowe with his My Parisian is Me. Lastly, David Sirois recited Harded Criminals turned to Fig...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Ian Monk

Posted on 28 Jul 2014 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

Hosted by JFMcG. Photos by Iris. Once again proving that Paris doesn’t completely shut down in August, Paris Lit Up Open Mic was packed with great readers, a lively audience, six sacrificial virgins and a very special guest: Ian Monk. Our first round included Yannik dealing underground poetry papers on the sly, Elliot and his Choose Your Own Adventure Poem, Marie-Claire (V) first telling us to Buvez ce ver and then asking Où sont ces hommes ? After three years of being Paris Lit Up’s Top Model, we had to say goodbye to Beatrice and she sent us off with Kerouac’s September 16, 1961 coupled with Evan Knight’s For Beatrice Reading Kerouac’s September 16, 1961: What Spills. 🙁 There go the birds, flying west a moment. Who’s going to ever know the world before it goes? Gus pulled us...

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