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Kickstart la rentrée!

Kickstart la rentrée!

The city of Paris is synonymous with creativity.Paris breeds creativity, Paris inspires creativity. Yet Paris does not come easy. A bustling and rugged metropolis, it fights illusions, and forces discovery, just as it did for Joyce, Hughes, Hemingway, Nin and countless other foreign writers and artists.

For over 4 years, the non-profit association Paris Lit Up has hosted free Open Mic nights every Thursday, published five books, has thrown some really great parties with our multicultural, transnational community of writers, artist, musicians and activists and even toured extensively through Europe. We’ve never charged a dime for any of our activities and we’ve always operated through transparent, consensus-based community efforts. And now we need your help!

 After this last tragic year in France, it has become more important than ever for writers from diverse backgrounds and nationalities to find space for their voices and their words. So, in order to publish the fourth issue of our annual journal and to continue our activities during the 2016-2017 season, we’re asking our supporters, friends, fans and families to throw in a couple of bucks. Your financial support will help independent artists from all walks of life hone their skills and get their voices heard. We’ve got lots of fun goodies to make it worth your while, so dig deep!

 For our video presentation, we’re honored to premier Allumé, a short documentary by Sean Simerly shot in 2014.  Allumé is a film of illusion, the grandeur of creating within the city walls of Paris, along the banks of the seine. It tells of harsh realizations, and warm reconciliations in the packed cafés in the most unsuspecting of neighborhoods in the city of light. Allumé is a story of those lit by the fire of creativity that Paris itself inspires. Follow the footsteps of people who have searched, who have tripped, and who have found their own creative city of light.

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