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Montmartre Dionysia – Against Our Will Comes Freedom

Montmartre Dionysia – Against Our Will Comes Freedom

The Montmartre Dionysia presents: Against Our Will Comes Freedom
A one-night extravaganza of local theatre and bohemian frivolity

Saturday, November 30th @ 19.30h
Péniche Alternat
Quai Saint-Bernard, 75005 Paris, France
Entry: 8€

Come aboard the Alternat on 30th November for a night of locally-sourced and written theatre, followed by drinks and partying until late.
One night in which the English-speaking theatre community can come together around our very own creations!
To add an element of competition, there will be a prize available for the most impressive play, and a prize for the best commercial.

Four 15 minute plays

Tortoise by Chris Newens, a tragedy.
A young man returns to the town he grew up to care for his dying mother. While there, he joins a local writing circle. Time passes..

All That Matters by Melinda Mayor, a musical comedy.
Three different women with three different approaches to that great event no one can really prepare you for: motherhood.

In Seine by Lily Bevan, a poetic black comedy.
An English businessman is told he only has a month to live. He travels to Paris to walk the banks of the Seine, eating lots of cheese and drinking a fantastic bottle of wine as he goes – a lifelong dream. But along the way he meets a busker, a fisherman and a suicide jumper who all have something to teach him.

White Flame Dancing by Alberto Rigettini, a melodrama.
A young woman fights for her right to be happy and live a conventional life . Her boyfriend and her flatmate will try to stop her…

And in between the longer plays, expect “Commercial Breaks“: short and innovative one-minute plays.

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