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New! Atelier Sainte Marthe

New! Atelier Sainte Marthe

Hear ye, hear ye! A new community space has opened its doors to Belleville bohemians! Please take a moment to welcome Atelier Sainte Marthe by visiting their website at: and check back for updates on their many literary, artistic and educational activities.

Atelier Sainte Marthe is a shared cultural centre located in the heart of Belleville, housing both an international arts school, Ecole Sainte Marthe, and a variety of creative associations. Offering affordable work and exhibition space, we are committed to maintaining a vibrant cultural space open to all and we believe that there’s no better space for students to learn.

Atelier Sainte Marthe is located at 26 rue du Chalet, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Our spacious, open-plan centre can cater for all forms of creative work and activities, from offering office space to serving as atelier and cinema, and is fully equipped with catering facilities. We have access to a picturesque courtyard along with a local garden adjacent to our building.

For more information, please visit:

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