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NEW! – Paris Lit Up Press

NEW! – Paris Lit Up Press

We are happy to introduce you to Paris Lit Up Press – the new extension of the PLU community that wants to publish your work! This editorial collective will be aiding with the annual publication of Paris Lit Up Magazine as well as featuring new writers from the underground of the City of Light. Paris Lit Up Press is currently accepting submissions of all sorts (prose, poetry, art…) so hurry over and strut your stuff.

…And we quote:

This new editorial adventure will seek to publish some of the best new writers from Paris and beyond  in both print and digital formats. We’ll do our best to share the beauty of this striking underground scene with other likeminded creative types the world over. Our small but passionate editorial staff would love to see your work, hear your ideas and find new, innovative ways to produce and distribute your work.

Please take a moment to welcome this project to the Paris scene and browse around the all-new website:

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