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Paris Lit Up at Bar 48 in Oval, London

Paris Lit Up at Bar 48 in Oval, London

Last night the tour began in earnest and we learned that our team has impeccable timing: literally as Emily was introducing the PLU project, with two absentees, Elia and Maysan arrived (see photo), bags on backs, “fresh” from the bus, to be thrown on stage and knock the good people of Oval’s socks off.

Bar 48 welcomes Fourth Friday in a new setting due to renovations at the Poetry Café in Covent Garden.  An Eritrean restaurant – which Emily and Ed would go on to eat with their fingers – the room was lit up with fairy lights and words.

Dominic Stevenson, having enjoyed his 45-minute hike from Brixton station to Oval, opened the show with his northern rhetoric and Richard Earls told us that it was not “do or die”.  Elia reminded us not to leave fires unattended (nor any flammable objects near combustibles and not to play with gasoline) and Maysan built bridges with the audience.

There were poetry readings, electric Delta blues guitarists and a discussion about Alice Wheeldon.  A successful evening with a few magazines sold, Paris Lit Up thanks the Fourth Friday and Bar 48 for an intimately excellent evening.

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