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Paris Lit Up EN TOUR: some feedback

Paris Lit Up EN TOUR: some feedback

We asked some of the troupe to give us some thoughts about this year’s Paris Lit Up England tour. Here’s their brutal feedback…






“Art, like knowledge, love and amazing puns, is better when shared.”
As I was in the bus going « home », it dawned on me that we are living the times of our live(r)s, and also that I should be awarded a prize for best 2017 written pun.
First of all: Thank you very much for this opportunity and the overall organisation of what will stay one of the best memories of my life.
It is all so true and proven, over and over during this tour, that art like knowledge, love, and amazing puns is better when shared.
In coming years we’ll need words of courage, patience, some amazing teaching skills and, maybe above all else we’ll need to know that we are not alone… Be it through an Instagram account, polaroids or simply memories of the time we spent in a room full of ears as eager as we were to hear the word.
It feels like community and even more like a family, it is 🙂

Richard Earls 

“it is not just the gaps that make Maysan great but, at least, they are something I can emulate.”

Thank you to Emily and Ed for the opportunity to be part of the PLU UK tour.
Listening and talking to each one of you over the last week or so has given me so much take away of value, that will help me in my struggle to express myself better as a poet. Emily and Ed with their fluidity, intelligence and humour; Elia with his passion; Isabelle with her spirituality; Dominic’s down to earth humanity and Maysan’s pauses. I say that with a smile because, of course, it is not just the gaps that make Maysan great but, at least, they are something I can emulate.
What an experience; I thank and honour you all!

Dominic Stevenson

“in a world of such turmoil, real companionship can be forged in the Youth Hostels of South West England.”

My world became bigger and brighter during the Paris Lit Up tour of England. As someone who has only rarely wandered the cobbled streets of the city of light I was honoured to join the team for this tour. My previous experience of Paris Lit Up was joyful, but this time I was a bit more apprehensive. I’d only met two of the team before and, well, I snore. How could I expect to make friends with strangers while sharing a room with them knowing that I snore?

Needless to say a week on from our journey ending my fears proved unfounded and it seems that in a world of such turmoil, real companionship can be forged in the Youth Hostels of South West England.

As someone who has performed throughout the UK at a range of nights, I wasn’t surprised at the warm welcomes that our merry band received as we travelled. London I know well, and I thought that it was an excellent starting point for the tour. Home turf, for me anyway, and somewhere where we could bond as a group, buy drinks for each other, hug, and generally get excitable at the prospect of living and working together on tour. The first gig, in Lambeth, was the first time I had heard any of my co-tourers perform and I was simply blown away with the skill and passion that they brought to the stage.

This talent, and their dedication to their craft, was an ongoing theme throughout the tour. At each new door we stopped at to share our words, my companions pulled something just sublime out of their bag and gifted it to audience and occasionally, via live streaming, the world.

As an artist, I felt myself develop as I went along. The support and constant constructive feedback from the team gave me a real chance for some incredible on the job learning. It demonstrated the importance of surrounding yourself with people you trust and knowing it will make you better. From Elia making me rehearse while I was drinking in the pub pre-gig, to Emily and Ed sharing how they felt I’d developed as a performer in the last year, to Maysan supporting me with her sage advice with regards to how I tackle the deeper issues within my poetry – each and every one of them contributed to my future. For that alone I will always be grateful.

 My future is uncertain at this point, there was too much food for thought for me to have digested it all yet, but I will take what I have learned and put it into practice as an artist, a curator, a publisher, and I will move forward. What is certain though is that Paris Lit Up has a future that will make the Eiffel Tower at midnight look positively dim in comparison. With great artists on their stage and in their pages, with dedicated and brilliant editors, organisers, and hosts, extending their arms to embrace even more people, I just know it.

I hope to be back on their stage soon, but regardless of that, I will always be grateful for the experiences we had as a group during our tour and those memories will guide me and take me to a place of such warmth for the rest of my life.


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