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Paris Lit Up & friends in England

Paris Lit Up & friends in England

Five intrepid members of the PLU community (we misplaced one en route) packed their words and waterproofs and set off on a week-long tour of fair England. We visited London (Covent Garden and Clapham), Guildford, Oxford and Bristol to belatedly celebrate the launch of the Paris Lit Up Magazine n°3. Sure, it came out in September but, you know, time difference and all that.

The Poetry Café welcomed us into their cave and, like last year, we found ourselves with a full room of friends, family and curious strangers.

Clapham Books reserved their upstairs Children’s Section for our cosy evening, full of  Parisian tarts, cheap wine and Where’s Wally (or Waldo or Charlie).

The Keystone in Guildford squeezed us lovingly into a music open mic, full of reggae and regale. We were treated like royalty by the effervescent Janice and Donall who hosted all of us at their house!

The Albion Beatnik saw a small but sincere group of readers come together for a fun night in rainy but beautiful Oxford.

The Arts House visit saw our balmiest day and barmiest night. Lambs, piglets, street art and some much-needed healthy food: Bristol is “gurt lush”.

Thank you to all the venues and people who welcomed/hosted us during our England tour 2016. Next year we’re thinking even bigger: Cardiff? Edinburgh? Manchester? Leeds? Britain, PLU wants to meet more of you…

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