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Paris Lit Up n°2 Italy Launch

Paris Lit Up n°2 Italy Launch

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in this extraordinary event: the open mic performers Leonida, Alessandro, Franco and Jordan, the poets Marco Scarpa, Alessandra Conte, Francesco Targhetta, Alessandra Trevisan, Jovan Albertson, Lauren Perlee, Sven Hansen-Löve, Jason Francis Mc Gimsey, the artists Claudio Calia and 36.15, the jazz duo Perin-Clemente, the Grimoon, all the volunteers from Association Voyager and of course Ca’ Bruzzo Organic Vineyards for hosting us.

Thank you!

Here below you can get a glimpse of what happened. Photos courtesy of Elettra from Association Voyager.

Paris Lit Up and Associazione Voyager present: 

Paris Connections – Poesia, arte e musica oltre i confini

Featured poets: Marco Scarpa (Venice), Francesco Targhetta (Treviso), Sven Hansen-Løve (Paris), Lauren Purlee (Paris), Jason Francis Mc Gimsey (Paris) + guests
Musical guests: Grimoon (Italy/France), Rosa Brunello y Los Fermentos (Italy)
Visual artists: Claudio Calia (Padua), 36.15 (Paris)

Paris ConnectionsSaturday, May 23rd 2015 @ 20h
Ca’ Bruzzo
Via Cavallo 7
San Germano dei Berici
36040, Vicenza, Italy

We’re excited to be presenting the second issue of Paris Lit Up magazine with our Italian contributors! Along with the poetry and writings of Marco Scarpa, Francesco Targhetta, Sven Hansen-Løve and Lauren Purlee, we’ll also enjoy live drawings by artists Claudio Calia and 36.15, the music and visual stylings of Grimoon as well as the jazz quartet Rosa Brunello y Los Fermentos. Obviously, we’ll also be partaking in the excellent hospitality of Ca’ Bruzzo, in the beautiful Colli Berici Hills.

Back with a boom, Paris Lit Up Magazine n°2 is much more than a simple repetition. Now with 200 full-color pages, a stunning semi-transparent dust jacket and over 100 contributors, this independent publication is truly a testament to grassroots DIY publications. It is available in both print as well as a digital versions. Poetry, short-stories, flash fiction, photography, artwork, interviews and even comic books: Paris Lit Up Magazine n°2 has something for every connoisseur of contemporary writing.

Copies of the magazine will be on sale on the night for 10€



Celebrating ten years of the band, Grimoon is back in 2015 with ‘Vers La Lune’. An ambitious project of cinema and music, ‘Vers La Lune’ is a science-fiction space odyssey, played by four quirky characters who accompany the viewer along the journey with Grimoon.
The film: ‘Vers La Lune’ is a bold animated film of alternating between almost all of the techniques of animated films for a total of approximately 50,000 frames. The result of a year of intensive work, this project challenges the boundaries of the imagination and takes them beyond the galaxy, exploring new territories both visual and musical.
The music: the songs that make up the new album are a mix of genres, but with an emphasis on vintage-psychedelic influenced by bands like Pink Floyd and Flaming Lips. But the songs also echo other rickety analog electronics and orchestrations.
The symbiosis between the music and images demonstrates that you can not separate the two languages. The result is a unique experience, that detonates all its magic on stage: the members of the band join the countless characters and space environments, planets, shooting stars and fantastic landscapes of the animated film.

Rosa Brunello y Los Fermentos

David Boato – trumpet, flugelhorn Filippo Vignato – trombone, efxs Rosa Brunello – doublebass Luca Colussi – drums, percussions

Particles of matter undergoing fermentation move violently, swell and heat up, struggling to reform themselves into a new order. Particles that change, come undone, split into similar but different particles that then go through the same process again in an endless cycle. A chemical metaphor for an alchemic, organic and constantly growing music.
Two years from the debut album “Camarones a la plancha”, unanimously praised by specialized critics and jazz experts, upright bassist Rosa Brunello is presenting her new project, a new quartet of some of the most interesting and active musicians on the contemporary Italian jazz scene.
The gravitational center of an iridescent sonorous universe, Rosa Brunello delineates the spaces around which David Boato’ trumpet and Filippo Vignato’s trombone float and dance in an exciting dialogue the percussion work of Luca Colussi.

The Writers

Marco Scarpa was born in Treviso in 1982 and has a diploma in biomedical engineering for medicine. He has collaborated with the City of Vicenza Theater, performing his poetry together with music during the 2011/2012 symphony season. In 2012 he published  the book Mac(‘)ero (Raffaelli Editore, Rimini) and in 2013 the book Traversi (Prufrock spa, Costa di Rovigo). He currently collaborates with the literature review DeSidera and organizes poetry readings in unusual places in and around Treviso.

Francesco Targhetto was born in Treviso and ha s spent four years teaching and obtaining his PhD in Italianistica in Padua (studying Corrado Govoni). He won a scholarship to research Italian symbolist poetry and published a book of poetry, Fiaschi (ExCogita 2009) and a novel in verse, Perciò veniamo bene nelle fotographie (Isbn, 2012). In 2014 he won the Delfini award and the Ciampi award. For the last two years, he’s gone into tilt and has taken teaching back up.

Lauren Purlee is a co-editor of Paris Lit Up Magazine and American writer currently studying English Literature at Loyola University Chicago. After spending her junior year in Paris, she’ll probably spend the rest of her academic career trying to become a professor of Creative Writing, but also of becoming a certifiable Parisian. On verra.

Sven Hansen-Løve, after being a DJ for more than 15 years in Paris and all over the world, had decided to focus on writing. He loves short stories and has plenty of them in his bag. Many have already been published. He also co-wrote a script for a feature film titled Eden, a fiction based on Sven’s memories as a DJ, with his sister, the well-known French film director Mia Hansen-Løve.

Jason Francis Mc Gimsey wordsmiths at when his site isn’t down.

The Artists

claudio_calia_logoClaudio Calia is an Italian comic book artist. He has published Porto Marghera (2007), Dossier TAV (2012) and his most recent work Piccolo Atlante Storico Geografico dei Centri Sociali Italiani (2014) with BeccoGiallo. His comic book interview Antonio Negri Illustrated (2011) is available in English from Red Quill Books.

36.1536.15 was born in France in 1979, is a self-taught eclectic artist, calligrapher, photographer, painter and poet. He has a background as a copywriter in advertising and communication. He started putting stickers and posters in the street in 2001 and doing graffiti in 2004. As a member of many artistic collectives, he is eager to organize and animate artistic projects here and there. A dashing gentleman, he loves sharing his passion for urban art during long walks through Paris.


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