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Paris Lit Up n°3 – Call for submissions

Paris Lit Up n°3 – Call for submissions

Open from 1st February to 15th March 2015

New forms, bright colors, strange shapes. Paris Lit Up n°3 wants to get lost in your imagination. The third issue of our internationally celebrated magazine is officially open for submissions through our new submissions database. As before, we welcome your words, art, photos, critical thinking, interviews, essays, comics, cartoons, translations and academic tirades – even your collection of porcelain zebras would look great on our shelf. If it can be put on a page… we want it!

Just tell us something we haven’t heard before. Show us something we haven’t seen before. There are no rules or limits at this establishment. We don’t count your words or impose themes; surprise us with your creative prowess!

Deadline: 15th March 2015

For more information, please read the guidelines.

Emily Ruck Keene
Zorro Maplestone
Jason Francis Mc Gimsey
Helen Cusack O’Keeffe
Lauren Purlee

Guest Editors
Jennifer K. Dick
Pansy Maurer-Alvarez


Paris Lit Up Magazine is an annual non-profit publication available in both print and digital formats through Paris Lit Up Press. If you’d like to see what we’ve previously published, you can pick up a copy on our online store at

  1. Submissions of previously unpublished work must be made using the Submission Manager at Paris Lit Up Press. No emails, no exceptions.
  2. We accept simultaneous submissions – however if your work is accepted elsewhere, congratulations, but please remove it from the PLU database.
  3. Remember to separate your submissions: 1 submission = 1 contribution.
  4. We accept written work of any kind including prose, poetry, essays, interviews, reviews, etc. submitted in any standard word processing format (.docx, .doc, .txt, .rft).
  5. We accept visual artwork of any kind including photography, painting, comic strips, illustrations, etc. in any standard format (.jpg, .tiff, .gif, .png).
  6. Either upload a document or paste it directly into the submissions box – not both!
  7. Images must be in high-resolution print quality (minimum 300dpi).
  8. Please include a 50-word BIO in the appropriate section.
  9. Translations must be accompanied by permission from the original writer or their literary estate.
  10. Writers and artists from Paris or with a Paris connection are especially sought, although submissions from anywhere in the world will be considered. Tell us the nature of your connection, if applicable, using the Bio section.
  11. Contributors will be given 1 complimentary copy of the magazine. As a Non-Profit Association, we regret that we have no funds to pay contributors.
  12. In keeping with the cooperative principles of Paris Lit Up, our magazine is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivs 4.0 Unported License. This license allows your work to be freely shared and distributed under the conditions of author attribution, non-commercial use and no derivative works (further legal details can be found here).
  13. If you have any questions or queries please direct them to info[at]


All submissions will be assumed to agree to these terms.


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