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Paris Lit Up n°5 – Call for Submissions

Paris Lit Up n°5 – Call for Submissions


At the point of its lustrum, Paris Lit Up is insatiable. But for what? What more can we have? We don’t know, you haven’t sent it yet, but we need MORE, MORE, MORE. ..Or do we mean PLUS PLUS PLU5? The digital revolution offers boundless communication, conversation, collaboration. Yet we’re left in the overfed red, the dizzy tessellation of never-ending plus signs scrolling down the unsatisfying feed. The collective unconsciousness is an unfulfilling chamber full of echoes. Il n’y a PLU5 rien. Yet we have TOUT. Through production, the artist exceeds herself: her work and her self an overflowing configuration of elements multiplied by each other, just as creative communities expand and overflow in our cities. Necessary and natural excess is produced by more than just the sum of its many parts. Too much? Never. Il n’y a PLU5 rien. Please fill us up. Help us gorge the creative beast that is the larva PLU5 by sending us your most excessively excellent work – poetry, prose, art, photography, interviews – anything we can gobble up and put on a page. We’re positive you have something to add!

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