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Paris Lit Up Open Mic – 14 March

Paris Lit Up Open Mic – 14 March

By Kate Noakes, with photographs courtesy of Viola Manfra.

In a cold, cold week, in a cold, cold town, down a cold, cold street, in a cold-ish bar, with cold cold beer, there was a red hot Open Mic night, where we warmed our frozen hands on sweet poems from Cristelle, Beatrice and Kate. Jason invited us to jump to at his paranoid coca party, and then there was the music…

Call me old (I’m used to it), but rap is something of an enigma to me and rap in French is, well,  just a mystery. But listening to our new friend, Herotoner, doing his thing, I can tell you, should you have ever doubted it, rap is definitely poetry: it has rhythm, loud, clear, insistent, and it has rhyme. If anyone has a better definition of our art, then answers on a postcard please.

Victor brought us a some welcome rays from his Jamaican sunshine-box with an important life lesson: if you are having an affair, don’t keep a parrot in the house. I’m looking forward to hearing much more from him on French Chanson at Unstrung Letters next week – don’t miss it!

With luck the ice will have melted in time for next Thursday’s Open Mic special guest, James Jewell, reading from his new chapbook. But not to worry if it hasn’t, as we can all cuddle up and keep warm in his Ships Made of Fake Fur.

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