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Paris Lit Up Open Mic – 4 April

Paris Lit Up Open Mic – 4 April

Hosted by ERK. Photos by Viola Manfra.

If she had been at all worried about running the show without poet Kate Noakes and badboy Jason MC Mc Gimsey by her side, Emily quickly realised that the evening was going to be fine. Better than fine actually, it was pretty damn great thanks to a super bunch of people. There was a mixture of familar faces as well as a couple of newbies to welcome/coerce onto the stage.

When Victor came in with his guitar there was an outbreak of smiles and “Yay! Victor and his guitar!” type noises. He tested out some new lines such as “puking on your lap” and “I like it when you’re…dead” which wasn’t exactly the jolly Spring ditty we were expecting, but got us all laughing. He had us singing along later on too, until he found himself unexpectedly collaborating with Samsung when Emily’s phone went off, for which she is really, very sorry.

Max was back with us again (hurrah, we love his stories) and treated us to a recently-published piece. We congratulated him, and in exchange he told us about his psychiatric experiences in New York and his diagnosed trauma – the result of not coming to terms with Michael Jackson’s death. We emphasised.

Emily wished happy birthday to Maya Angelou and Remy de Gourmont, following with some oberservations on the newly-arrived April.

Our favourite Korean James had a beautiful sunny piece, and then had us shaking the floorboards with “I wander lonely as a zombie” which I’m sure that Wordsworth would have appreciated if not just for the “zombie sex with an ex” part.

Bea finished Larry’s story, perfectly dividing it so as to force us to come back after the break. Baby Sonny arrived, and Father was being a bit of an ass. The end of war sucks.

Talking of asses, Anass (new to the stage) told us an old African fable about a donkey. But there was nothing ass-like about Anass, he was lovely, and reminded us not to care what others think.

Moto came back with his Bird piece in both Japanese and English, and a poem on children in a post-Fukushima world. Linda, whose real name is Monalisa, but she wasn’t sure if she could tell us or not, also had some serious storytelling for us, with a recipe of police, family and guns.

Making Wolverhampton proud, James Bird had us grinning with his urban lyricism and “parks full of naughty skirts.” Emily even felt a bit homesick when he spoke.

Tune in next week for more fun and frolics!

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