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Paris Lit Up Open Mic – 7 March

Paris Lit Up Open Mic – 7 March

Paris Lit Up Open Mic’s third week of bringing fabulous poetry to the stage at Culture Rapide saw Kate going back to the source with some of her early poems in celebration of children for World Book Day.

Jason revivified Bob Dylan’s long and amazingly fresh sounding eulogy to Woodie Guthrie, Beatrice brought us Sylvia Plath, Miriam, Langston Hughes and Marie-Jeanne, Carol Ann Duffy.

Philippe and James read new pieces from their phones, which had battery life, unlike Emily’s which died before round two, but not after she’d reminded us of unpleasant student housing, ‘I hated you house’, bathroom fungus and all (yuck!).

Clement rapped by to relive his youth, but the spot-light was on Melinda, who sashayed and sang her way through the High School Prom in inimitable style.

More next week at the slightly later start time of 20h30. Sign up continuous all night.

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