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Paris Lit Up Open Mic featuring Barbara Marsh

Paris Lit Up Open Mic featuring Barbara Marsh

Regular hosts Kate Noakes and Jason Francis Mc Gimsey have gone on vacation, and Emily Ruck Keene is about to leave for a little while too. But, don’t worry, Paris Lit Up has a host of excited new hosts ready to take to the stage in August *drumroll* : Will Cox and James Bird from Belleville Park Pages, and Helen O’Keeffe !

As for last Thursday…

Themes that came out last week’s Open Mic: Exile, Genitalia, Seafood.
Blame it on: The heat? The smell of holidays in the air? The Mexicans?

Kate felt in a holiday mood, and read us some translated Víctor Rodríguez Núñez. Bibi Jacob revealed her lecturing skills with “Unmarking”. It’s just unfortunate that “there is little to pity in a haddock“. Gus – who we shall miss very much – did his first double performance with his short story and song about “how I got my iphone”. The world just isn’t beautiful enough…for some. Ambreezy Ba won the best name competition (Paris, you sexy bitch!)

The brain has been on the brain for Bill, with people who think they’re…
Just as we were all terribly worried about being brain-dead, Erika reminded us of penises. And towels. Followed by another last performance : that of the gorgeous James Waltz, who was nostalgic already : “Paris is many cities mutually contained”, where “They speak like fools and sages“. “She takes everything you have”

 Eduardo, our masked Chicano, brought up the question of cultural identity, before we invited our Special Guest Barbara Marsh to the floor. On her very first reading in

Paris, she warned us she wasn’t prim (thank god) and treated us to some of her poems

“the smell of piss hangs by my face”

“I questioned everything alive”

For more than just titbits, you’ll have to check out her collection, To the Boneyard, out in October 2013, published by Eyewear Publishing.

The SECOND ROUND had Jason with a fiercely fricative translation of Gherasim Luca. Alexa said enough. “I want to live like the high notes.” Missy brought her guitar and had us all in hysterics with Mr Martini and Mrs Dash

“that was a very shellfish thing to do”

Hanniffa was good with words, Bill didn’t bring up any vulvas, and Barbara came back for more, at her second reading in Paris! She said she was old….Rubbish! Everyone crammed into the doorway at Culture Rapide was hoping she’d be their friend.

Megan was born with the curse of contemplation, and virgin Paul was one of the bravest men onstage that evening : asking the audience for words to make a short story out of.

                Boston breweries           The Red Sox                Queens                      Sex

Yann, smiling like snakeskin, invited us to go and rage with him, before another PLU virgin Will Davids shows us his skills on the geeee-tarrr. Part 1 of next week’s hosts Will offered us a Frankenflower, and his partner in crime James Bird wore a crown of cassio clocks.

The THIRD – and normally messiest – ROUND started with Aiysha’s reading of Neruda’s sonnet XVII, and Erika n°2’s stunning rendition of “come away with me”. Jason came back with Luca’s Body Echo (will he ever change that fanny?) and Kate read some of her own work. Peyote and his moustache were translated by Eduardo, and Gus sung us a song about the last song he ever wrote. Emily wrapped things up with a byzantium hue, but not before apologising to James for her appalling American geography, and saying another tearful goodbye to him, Gus and the beautiful Mathilde.

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Barbara Marsh(Catalogue)Join us this Thursday with our special guest, all the way from the UK, Barbara Marsh. Born in Rhode Island, USA, she spent her childhood traversing America with her family due to her father’s Naval career. After university, she lived in New York City as a singer/songwriter (and bartender), making inroads into the Village music scene. She moved to London, where she co-formed band The Dear Janes, released three albums and toured Europe and the US. Her poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies and she is the author of the first book-length monograph of American poet Ruth Stone. To the Boneyard, her first full collection, will be published by Eyewear Publishing in October 2013.

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