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Paris Lit Up Open Mic featuring Lily Robert-Foley

Paris Lit Up Open Mic featuring Lily Robert-Foley

Review by Kate Noakes. Photographs courtesy of Christina Forte.

Finally it’s summer! Collective cheer. Paris is heating up and people are starting to come and go.

Holiday writing featured heavily this week, with Max, just back from Portugal and the ‘girls in the kind of purple shorts they change into after leaving home’, Tom‘s email postcards from the Florida Pan Handle, and Kate pulling a pair of knickers from her suitcase in public.

Tiana is a kill joy; she hates summer and should spend some time with Jenna who told us ‘life was short and beautiful and you’ll soon be dead’; and Alexa who thinks ‘tragedy lives in everyone’s eyes.’

Things heated up again with Yann in the supermarket looking at those magazines before press ganging us so we’d forget ‘the sound of bees and women laughing.’ The inimitable Troy was ‘quietly petting his love in the corner’ and filling his glass. More Gherasim Luca from Jason focused on ‘your perfume’ and ‘kiss(ing) your shoe.’ Will was on the trail of love of a special kind as it seems ‘financially independent women are sexy.’ Nea, the sinful poet was in male persona suggesting if you can’t afford a lover you could get a dog that sleeps while you please yourself, and Brook continued where Nea off, shading the bar with a lot of gray.

On the domestic front Amaya was busy dipping crackers in all manner of things, Rebecca wanted to grow a tail so it would make the dusting easier and James was in a spot of bother ‘drinking the leftovers out of the densely populated kitchen sink.’

Virtuoso recitation award this week goes to Gus for his fabulous performance. More of that please next time you forget your guitar!

Lily Robert-Foley was our special guest, reading superbly, with help from her friends, from her newly published book m (corrupt press), which is an exploration of translation between English and French and the spaces in between and really comes alive with the three voices reading it. It is the process of translation explained in poetry: ‘translation exerciseIf it rains s the other side of language’; ‘you have to continue the machine;’ ‘water fills the passage between words and parole.‘ Brava!

On the other hand… the incomprehensible reading award goes to Jason for expecting some of the Italians (let alone anyone else) to understand an extract from his novella written in Venetian. I deciphered the sky and the sea, but meh! to the rest of it. Liz asked a rather more sensible question as to whether rock-paper-scissors works in French. Answers on a postcard please.

Music from KellyIf it rains – NO! No more of that thank you; and the marvellous Victor.

More sunbathing next week. Same time. Same place. Bring your Factor 50 if Brook returns.

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Lily Robert-Foley was born in San Francisco in the later part of the last century to an acupuncturist and a musician/painter. Mostly, she writes, travels, and makes radical linguistic translation devices known as machines. Her creative and scholarly work has appeared in various online and print journals including bathhouse, critiphoria, angelhouse and Mad Hatter Review. Selections from her graphemachines project will be published in the coming year as part of the Xerolage series, a division of Xexoxial Editions. Before joining Omnia Vanitas Review, she was assistant editor of the Green Lantern Press in Chicago where she transcribed and annotated The North Georgia Gazette (Green Lantern Press, 2009). Currently, she resides in Paris where she organizes a reading series, teaches English at the Université DesCartes, and is pursuing a doctorate in General and Comparative Literature at the University of Paris VIII.

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