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Paris Lit Up Open Mic – featuring Lucy Gellman

Paris Lit Up Open Mic – featuring Lucy Gellman

Hosted by JFMcG. Photos by Viola Manfra.

Last week’s Open Mic was the definitive proof that this internationally poetic soirée is here to stay. Tons of people from all over the world showed up to read, listen and get a chance to hear our special guest, Lucy Gellman, swooping in last-minute from London.
We started off with part-time Open Mic host and resident Paris expert Ms. Emily Ruck Keene as Mustard who, unfortunately, admitted to being an awful person to homeless people. If you want to tell her off for this, you can catch her every third Thursday or so before or after Kate Noakes and myself, depending on random, unpredictable conditions.
We then had a special 3-for-1 James deal, leading off with James L., back from Korea, reading his excellent translation of “All Banished” as well as the original. He was followed by James Bird who read two poems and a hangover. Finally, the bad boy from the back of the class, James Jewell (last week’s special guest) came back, less drunk, and choked on a carrot with his wife. We all awed at his sweetness. Awww.

Annie then came to the stage from Norway and lost her performing virginity, twice. In loud silence. But then Beatrice helped her out with some Anne Stevenson, so everything was okay. Until rapper Selure took the stage and blew everyone away with some downhome French rhymes, acapella style. 265 Crew – Buhp buhp !
Rebecca, our second sacrificial virgin of the evening, read her “Tunnel” and said hello to the sea, followed by José who claimed that capitalism is a dinosaur hallucinating on psychotropic drugs. He’s from Portugal.
Finally, our special guest Lucy – founding member of Washington University in St. Louis’ slam poetry team and ex-Parisian – finished off the first round with sexual trauma (probably due to the virgin sacrifices made on that stage).

But that wasn’t all : Too Many Readers ! Smoke Break ! Come Back !
Victor showed up, his guitar fashionably late as always, and la la la la la’d his way to the stage. Max took us through a great Parisian Passover story, followed by Yann and his virtual cows… Don’t ask. Then David came back with his 90-something-ith Spontaneous Impression of Paris – wonderful.
Then next performance was absolutely amazing: Medi borrowed Victor’s guitar and his sweet voice made all the girls and boys swoon, accompanied by Selure and his friend (damnit, what was his name…?).
The only way to follow that was to call up Troy York who told his False Friends to Suck Shit. Yeah.
Emily came back, nicer this time, Annie lost her virginity a third time, 3 Jameses making a total of 6 and finally another few pieces by Lucy Gellman about London. “It’s fine,” she said, “but it’s not Paris.”

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