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Paris Lit Up Open Mic featuring Special Surprise Hillbilly Band

Paris Lit Up Open Mic featuring Special Surprise Hillbilly Band

I gal darn reckon we done had ourselves a hootin’ tootin’ time down at Paris Lit Up Open Mic with out special surprise hillbilly band “The Freres” (French accent duly excluded). Gents and scoundrels, gentile lassies and down right she-devils done took the stage for an evenin’ of line-dancin’ and sarsaparilla startin’ off with Tactica y Estrategia and Gus and his gee-tar singin’ ’bout his Special Love, leavin’ fer home followed by Max‘s tear Gushing Paris adios – we sure gonna miss dat boy !

The head lady of the house Madame Kate Noakes Crowed ’bout impatience and stole a, um, like, yeah, totally poem at Place des Voges  from them damn ‘Merican tourists. Miss Em did a classic Frank O’Hara piece Having a Coke with You and Melinda spoke in Cohen tongues to Susan with Apologies – Hallelujah sista’  ! Then Jenna took the girls home ’cause all she could do was Write About Love.

Evan and his Hair done some down-home straight shootin’ ’bout the State Poet of Nebraska William Kloefkorn then the Bird flew in, Or Not, ’cause Your Command is My Wish. The main attraction The Freres then took to the stage with an ode For the Taxi Drivers of the World and begged the honeys to not Leave Me Hangin’. Amen, cowboy.

Everybody went out fer some tobacco spittin’ time with the fellas and washed it all down with some smooth bourbon before continuin’ with more Bird back from The Dentist, followed by Missy Green – who finally showed up – cause she done be In a Bigger Pickle with Parisian Girls and then wanted to Amarte en español. But Romi done saved her soul her with her Indie Love.

Nea challenged the reigning champion with Jesus & Judas and Ephialtes but Troy cum back with Flesh and Nail on a Stick. Goowee. Ana from Madrid changed her accent and spoke Et Maintenant and Yoko came all the way from there yonder in Japan to sing long love songs. Ido  believe so. Gus done some more strummin’, Max blessed us with his last goodbye San Sebastian and Kate went on Lustin’ after him ’till The Freres took us headlong into the sunset with our cowboy hats low. Ride ’em hard little doggy, ’till next week.


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