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Paris Lit Up Open Mic – featuring the Paris Bloomsday Group

Paris Lit Up Open Mic – featuring the Paris Bloomsday Group

Host JFMcG. Photos and video courtesy of Paul Robinson.

Over four and a half hours of non-stop poetics last week at Culture Rapide : no wonder it took me a whole week to recover and get the write-up online! Well, that and the exclusive videos of our special guests… The Paris Bloomsday Group!

First there were a whole slew of poets, starting with James Lee’s last appearance this year, reading an opening Invocation for the Names of the Dead and Melissa asked Kipling what If. We also had Bibi Jacob and the mystery of her headless dog while Melinda kept her clothes on, this time. Pallavi didn’t tell us about her sexual adventures although she did come out. Kate talked about blood oranges and bubbles and Ana P. double translated Spanish-English to English-Spanish.

Then The Paris Bloomsday Group (-1) did this:

Listen, they can read Italian too:

…and all that was just the first round!

The night continued with Paris Cheapskate Jenna’s pain in the wrong place (probably because she lost her stage virginity), Sam’s 10 minute monologue on the mentor, Bird doing alcohol-themed pornographic hide and seek, Remi’s guitar asked why 60-year-old Italian women are so ugly, Jeanne Marie put a mirror above her bed for some narcissistic fourway fun, Will bared his soul but Jess saved it because he went to catholic school. Dynamic duo Anass and Joseph did good soup in Flamenco salsa.

At this point, your host, me, JFMcG, founder and supreme god of the universe, cheers, was inebriated. Evidence can be seen in Exhibit A and Exhibit B and Exhibit C. But, despite the blurry pages, I do remember: Victor’s Zeppelin (not led), Bea being coaxed into singing Marta sui tubi here on youtubi, Keely’s first time, Emily Limoned, Melissa and Pallavi came back to terrorize us with the Sound of Silence that wasn’t very silent, Remi brought a hot Australian Elsa on stage and got it on, Jess came back, Rebecca showed up, Will’s deed will do and I think I, at some point, spitted some Ghérasim Luca all over the front row. Fortunately, James Lee blessed all the communists with his closing Prayer to Marx. Power to the people!

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