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Paris Lit Up Open Mic – featuring Troy Yorke

Paris Lit Up Open Mic – featuring Troy Yorke

Finally : spring. Culture Rapide boasts plenty of outdoor space for soaking up the last rays of sun and savoring a cold beverage during Paris Lit Up Open Mic. Starting soon, the readings will be en plein air
When the wind picked up, in we went, seeking warmth and words. That’s what we got. The anticipation for Troy Yorke‘s performance was as thick as oil-based lubrification… but I precede myself:

The three-hat trick kicked this Thursday off, hosts Emily Ruck no-hyphen Keene reading a work in progress with esoteric literary references (to T.S. Eliot, ha!), the “real poet” Kate Noakes revealing her scimitar scars and he – that guy talking in third person – improvising Venetian translations.

Bibi Jacobs started talking to herself onstage in a lonesome monologue followed by Pearlann Porter from the Pillow Project freejazzing words and her body despite a sore throat. The Italian sex symbol, Beatrice, stunned everyone with a delicate acapella rendition of De Andre’s La Canzone di Marinella, even though she lived “solo un giorno, come le rose“. Wow.

Rebecca spoke of that day she couldn’t speak and Marie-Jeanne was Replaced, wishing him the worst and becoming Kafka. Remind me never to anger her. Finally, James Bird gave us the Five a.m. Jive before we were all shoved to our knees by our special guest, Troy Yorke.

You can call him Bubbles. His sticky willy, circle jerk childhood left us groping for the Panic Button and someone to love among the cocks and pigs, fucking in christmas trees and rolling in vinegar and potato chips before pulling out of his sleaze clouds covered in funky juices… And those were just the titles…
Good thing Troy seeks “beauty in the absurd and surreal, celebrating the darker corners of life”, because otherwise we might have thought these were autobiographical poems…

While that could have been enough for one night: WE WANT MORE !

After loosing their lips with some liquid magic, the international crowd took over with James Lee onstage for his second time around Korean–>English translation of Tofu Like You and the lovely Katerina with her Greek–>French translation of Remember. Finally, the foreign experience continued with Lauren, a sacrificial Virgin from Texas who read a perfectly executed Language of Distance. If only I had been that good my first time…

Improvised freejazz collaboration with Dareka – co-host of Slam au Downtown every Monday night – and the Pillow Project‘s Pearlann from Pittsburgh. Mr. Bird gave us some chucks of his Concrete Playground and let us see his Balls before the Open Mic hosts threw down another trio with Emily reading Britain’s Best Short Stories, Kate explaining that “glosa” is the Spanish word for “stealing” English translations of Portuguese poets, and that guy there, again, speaking in third person three times translated in Gherasim Luca‘s Triple.

Of course we let Mr. Bubbles tickle our perineums again for a while with more poetic smut and we loved it. I think Emily literally fell off her chair. But then Troy left us breathless, closing with a beautiful piece called Sleep Not, definitively proving that sluts have feelings too.

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