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PLU Slam Poetry

PLU Slam Poetry

Put your words to the test and show the world what you’ve got. Hosted every six weeks by slam champion Winona Linn, PLU Slam challenges performers of all types to engage in competitive performance with their surrounding creative community. Scores between 1 and 10 are given by five randomly chosen judges from the audience in three rounds of verbal combat. In the end, there will be only one performer left standing, hereafter ordained PLU Slam Champ – at least until the next competition!

Held on Thursdays at Culture Rapide, 103 rue Julian Lacroix, 75020 – métro Belleville.

Check the Community Calendar for the next evening!


About the host:

Winona Linn is a Canadian poet, performer, teacher and spoken word artist. Linn was the 2011 poet laureate of the Federal Green Party of Canada, and wrote and performed poems on a variety of issues for the duration of the 2011 federal election. In the spring of 2013, a collection of Linn’s poems was published by Paisley Press of Halifax, Nova Scotia. This collection, entitled “Stand Tall,” was a collaboration with visual artist Sidney Robichaud and are available for sale across Canada. Currently, she lives in Paris, France where she teaches English-language poetry to children.

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