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Paris, Not Profit – A Foreword

Paris, Not Profit – A Foreword

After just one year of activity, Paris Lit Up is launching the first issue of our new Magazine this Friday, October 11th, at the Pop-In. Beyond the pleasure of having the company of many of the over 45 contributors, we will be entertained by 4 bands  – The Umbilical Chords, The Bowling Team, The Boato/Brunello Jazz Duo +1 and The Freres – and our resident DJ Sven Löve.

All this at the bargain price of FREE.

How is this possible? Quite simply: you, the literary community, make it possible. Paris Lit Up is a non-profit Association, registered under French law. Our (scarce) finances are public record and can be freely consulted by anyone, anytime. Non-profit means no-one – hosts, editors, writers, musicians or participants – is paid. All donations and proceeds are managed transparently, used to invite guest poets to read, publish the magazine and for other community activities.

Everything we do is the result of volunteers working simply for the love of writing and creation. So please, swing by this Friday and pick up a copy of your new magazine. Have a drink, talk, discuss, dance and celebrate with us all the Parisian and international artists working hard to create your community  in the City of Lights.


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