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PLU Comedy feat. Alexander van Walsum

PLU Comedy feat. Alexander van Walsum

To kick off the new year (in September), PLU had its first comedy night hosted by Fred Eyangoh (I’m actually typing this. Hi, how are you?). The overall good news is that he only had to shush hecklers three times. For Culture Rapide, that’s a good night. Round 1 started with Kamel aka L’Insaisissable, who delivered a beautiful love poem, with Rafik playing the guitar. Dave was the first one to tell a joke, even before the host. Full discolsure: it was about eggs. Bridget read a story that turned out to be the best Tinder ad ever, because meeting creeps on the Internet is also a valid hobby. Alan offered us the strangest (and only) video of the night, a work of art which must be the first one to contain the words “Jews in space” (Spaceballs doesn’t count). The master of the house Jason read the first part of his story, leaving on a cliffhanger with all his main characters on a boat. Will they won’t they (sink)? Alison shared a poem inspired by her work and the world of dance, and René reminded us that all the hash in the world can’t numb our feeling of loss, even Porte de Clignancourt’s hash. A tip from him: look at the drug dealers right in the eye! Finally, the guest comedian Alex Van Walsum closed off the first round with a grate set about cheese (see what I did there?). Apparently, the politics of cheddar across the Atlantic are more complicated than we thought.

Alex also kickstarted the second tour, this time commenting on consumerism and the way dystopian societies are already all around us. He was followed by Blue Wit, with some funny latin poems accompanied by Rafik‘s guitar (double dipping!). Then we had some foreign-language poetry, with a French poem by Eduardo and a Spanish one by Yasser. If they proved something, it’s that emotion is an universal language. They were followed by Evan Laflamme (returning after his guest spot) and his friend Evan (actually called Peter, but whatever). The Evanses gave us a whale joke and some pretty good French funk. More music ensued, with David Sirois going back to songwriting after 11 years with the song “Blue on Blue”. James read a poem about bad and mad money. And for a grand finish, Jason gave us the second part of his story, a disturbing tale of forbidden love between teacher and student. Or at least that’s what I understood. See you in November for the next PLU Comedy, if Fred doesn’t get fired!





PLU kicks off the new season with a brand new event: PLU Comedy! Every six weeks (or so) we’ll be featuring some of the best comedic voices from Paris and beyond. Your new host, Fred Eyangoh, will welcome all from 20h onwards for sign up. Stand-up and comedic skits are encouraged, but every form is accepted.

Fred is originally from Cameroon and has been living in France for five long years. His goal was to get a Masters degree and integrate the “rich people who don’t care about the rest” strata of the society. He achieved the former so that his parents wouldn’t kill him for wasting money, but then decided to stray away for the glass towers and the big corporations. Now he’s all about comedy and culture, just like God intented in the first place when he gave him those giant eyes. God, what a goofball.

For our inaugural edition, we’ll be featuring stand up comedian Alexander van Walsum. He is a Dutch madman by day (yes, like in the TV show) and tries to make up for it doing stand-up comedy by night. Alex performs at various clubs in Paris, including the New York Comedy Night and Great British American Comedy Night, both at SoGymnase, and French Fried Comedy Nights at Le Paname Art Café. Check him out!


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