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PLU Comedy featuring Paul Taylor

PLU Comedy featuring Paul Taylor

Note to readers: All mentions of “I” or “me” refer to the host of PLU Comedy Fred Eyangoh.

Hello everybody! How are you? It’s me, looking at you through the digital fourth wall. I had the honor to kick off the new PLU year and the pleasure to host a very funny and entertaining night. For this occasion, I decided in my imense delusional grandeur, to change the rules of PLU weekly reports as well.

For those who don’t know the very secretive process of the PLU hosts, every performer’s name and order is kept in a notebook subtly named THE BIBLE, and next to each name the host writes somes notes in order to write her report later. Usually, you only get to see the nice, trimmed-down report, but today you’re getting the whole sausage. I’ll give you my raw unedited notes( and comment on them in brackets), because my megalomania has no limits. Let’s go!

7/1/16: Night of penises and complicated bises (so many people, influenced by our great guest Paul Taylor, talked about putting your cheek against someone else’s!)

Jason (the black Jason): The sibyll (is this the right way to write this??), the miracle of migrations, Italy (two very nice poems!)

Chris: 20 years (or how long he lived in Paris, he’s moving to Brazil, suckers!), know me from the metro (he made a living with metro poetry, what a champion. Plus Brazil, suckers!), Josip Mataga (one of the many people he met in his travels, who according to Google works for Coca-Cola now. I might have the spelling wrong. Or not)

Jason (the dressed in black Jason): In her eyes, in our lives, in the secretness of our waves (it took me a little while to understand, but boy what a show!), incredible energy (he is a very intense person)

Marie: HP penis jokes (HP=Harry Potter. Also she mentioned menstrual cups, which are very interesting devices, and also prompted some men to make terrible jokes. I won’t mention the men or the jokes)

David: The untold rules of the bise (he spent a lot of time trying to figure out this mess, I just hope he has all the friends to reward his effort)

Catherine: Beautiful song on the soprano ukulele about disappointing men (she promised the audience something funny to keep everybody off track, then sang amazingly and blew the room away. Well done.)

Rose: New Year’s bise (this is funny/sad when you consider she was expecting a full-blown New Year’s slimy French kiss) and Tinder life (she swipes left and right on the toilet seat. She is a winner at life)

René: Zoolander song (everybody knew the lyrics, I kind of knew it, and as I write it I had to rewatch Zoolander and Shazam it to retrieve the title. It’s “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” by The Hollies. Now Zoolander is playing in the background as I’m writing, Will Ferrell is the best!)

Paul (Taylor the guest!: very funny set, his material on French culture and language is great, and elicits a lot of very well constructed heckling from the crowd. Just let my guest do his set! Also, go see his show #Franglais!)

Donald: Poem about the news (terrible sentence), “Où Est Charlie?”, ++ (because I really enjoy his style), wars of the world in our homes, and other we ignore (I think you get what I mean)

Alison: Brevity is the soul of wit (she is really excellent at short poems!)

Lorenzo: Italian (who I offended with my terrible Italian accent) + Jason (because Jason McGimsey brings his students to the show. Interesting initiative to say the least)

David: Haunted beauty and his love of writing (he quoted Verlaine and talked about life and death, great!)

Ed: Best bear joke (pun-tastic!) 2 romantic sonnets (I notice now Ed taljs a lot about romance and relationships. In Latin and English)

Jason (the long-haired Jason): RAP BATTLE! +René+me (rhymes about not knowing how to rap battle are… not good)+Donald+Rose (who won with “Be Tender on Tinder”)+Ed+Marie (What an idea to close the show. Wild!

I made some jokes about potatoes, and the show was over. Frankly, it was a great night, and I can’t wait to welcome you for the next PLU Comedy Night. See you, and watch Zoolander!



Laugh your ass off with Paris’ best underground stand-up comedians. Hosted every six weeks by Fred Eyangoh (Unfiltered Comedy Hour), comedians and stand up performers are invited to sign up for free starting at 20h for a slot during the evening. Each performer is given ample time to strut their stuff – just beware the flying tomatoes!

This week’s special guest is comedian Paul Taylor! Paul was born in the UK but grew up in England, France, Spain and Switzerland. He currently lives in Paris and quit his corporate job at Apple to perform stand-up comedy both in English and French. He loves tea with milk.

Held on Thursdays at Culture Rapide, 103 rue Julian Lacroix, 75020 – métro Belleville.

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