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PLU Grand Tourists – Italy 2016

PLU Grand Tourists – Italy 2016

Following in the footsteps of the old masters, Paris Lit Up embarks on our Grand Tour of Italy this spring. Writers, musicians and artists from Paris will descend upon five Italian cities for readings, performances and festivities in collaboration with local associations at the forefront of contemporary culture. Building a new Europe of creativity and imagination from the bottom up, we invite you to join us to celebrate life, art… and excellent wine!

For the complete program, see here:


Edward-BellEdward Bell had a lustrum of Latin and French studies at the University of Oxford that left him with strongly European values. But instead of consecrating his time to the public forum, he looks for the innate and private beauty of this world, pouring over ancient texts of arcane knowledge in the search of lost time. A pedagogue at heart, he loves sharing knowledge at every possible moment. Dum spiro spero.

Shannon CainShannon Cain has taught fiction writing at the University of Leipzig, the University of Arizona, Gotham Writers’ Workshop, Arizona State University, and most recently as a core faculty member in the MFA program at Bennington College. Her first book, The Necessity of Certain Behaviors, won the 2011 Drue Heinz Literature Prize, the largest cash award in the U.S. for an unpublished collection of stories. Her work also has been awarded the O. Henry Prize, two Pushcarts, and a fellowship from the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts. In 2014, the French government awarded her a 3-year Skills and Talents visa in the arts.

Antoine FosseyAntoine Fossey is a composer and musician from Normandy, France.  Guitarist, singer, songwriter, and saxophonist, Antoine has contributed to several professional recordings, most recently, In Vino Vita documentary and La Gran Ursula’s “This Is Not Cumbia”.   Inspired by jazz, rock, blues, flamenco, salsa, and bossa nova, Antoine currently dedicates his time to various freelance projects.

Andrea GallagherAndréa Gallagher is a writer, poet, and musician from NYC.  She has traveled throughout Europe and the Americas while collaborating with various professional artists and exploring the art of story-telling and linguistic communications.  She is currently based in France where she dedicates her time as a singer-songwriter and performing artist.

French DJ and writer Sven Løve. Photographer: Andrew Kovalev ( Hansen-Løve decided to focus on writing after being a DJ for more than 15 years. His work has appeared in French in numerous magazines as well as in English, translated by Simon Rogghe and Jason Francis Mc Gimsey. He co-wrote the feature film Eden with his sister, the director Mia Hansen-Løve. Screened in over 30 countries, it was selected by the Toronto Film Festival, the San Francisco Film Festival and Sundance. He is currently finishing his first novel.

Sella MalinSella Malin is a soul musician hailing from San Francisco. She is often prone to throw stability and normality under the bus in lieu of the thrilling call of the unknown. Her music is influenced by dark cabaret, trip-hop, blues, and contemporary jazz. She writes songs about the inner workings of atypical minds, and the haunting, hypnotic worlds that thrive within them. To the exasperation of most individuals, these songs are usually longer than the line at the DMV, and Sella is completely unapologetic for that. Hear her at:

Jason Francis Mc GimseyJason Francis Mc Gimsey began his nomadic ventures early in life, born the bastard of a western field of wheat. Mestizo origins and frequent shifts from one state to the next lead to t/his scarcely coherent tonguesound transcription; discontinuous difference and old-world political gerrymandering have also taken their toll. Needing constant translative mediation, he now lives and works among others in the multitudinous babble of the european metropolis, stealing their stories and trying to tell them thrice.

Maysan-NasserMaysan Nasser is a human being who is constantly seduced and resuscitated by the lyricism of the written word. Syrian on paper and in ink, I hide in-between rhythms and rhymes a hometown that’s been splintered to pieces. In-between hesitant fullstops and compulsive commas, hushed stories of emancipated revolt lurk to reach you. I write to sustain my shattered notion of self. Urgently, I write what I hope to be true.

Rosemaire ReyesRosemarie Reyes was born in New York and is now based in Paris. She is a writer of poems and stories. Her memoir Somewhere in Between won the 2006 Edward Riviera Autobiography Award. Her poems and short stories have been published by Promethean Literary Magazine, The City at the Center Magazines, Poetry in Motion© in conjunction with the New York City MTA, amongst others. She was recently published in Paris Lit Up Magazine, and is currently working on an upcoming collection of her poems. Of late, she enjoys experimenting with stand-up comedy and improvisation, but revels in telling countless childhood stories about her beloved father in his indelible Dominican accent!

36.1536.15 lives and works in Paris. In the footsteps of medieval scribes, graffiti artists and calligraphers like Michaux, Masoudi, Benaoum or Mailman, he has studied the intricacies of words and letters, both in sense and their symbolic, rhythmic and gestural energy.

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