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PLU Magazine n°2 Launch Party Program

PLU Magazine n°2 Launch Party Program

Poetry, music, graffiti, tapas and more! With just one week to go, we finally have a definitive program for our Paris Lit Up Magazine n°2 Launch Party being held this Saturday, September 27th at Hangar 56! Entrance is free of charge, prices are populaire and everyone is invited to participate in Paris’ biggest 100 Thousand Poets For Change event!

Although you should always expect the unexpected, here is some info about what you’ll probably see, in some random order, during the evening:


Margo Berdeshevsky is author of two poetry collections, Between Soul and Stone, and But a Passage in Wilderness (Sheep Meadow Press) and a book of stories, Beautiful Soon Enough, recipient of Fiction Collective Two’s Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Award, (University of Alabama Press).

Phoebe Blackburn is British and lives in Paris where she currently teaches English. In 2012–2013 she made a nine-month trip around Asia and Russia. She organized an exhibition of photographs of dustbins at France’s sustainable development salon and in a gallery in April–May 2014.

Helen Cusack O’Keeffe is a Paris-based novelist/playwright. She was first published in Strangers in Paris.

Louisa Dunnigan has been published in the Rumpus, the Believer, the Oxonian Globalist, and the Bastille. She lived and worked in Paris and now does the same in London, without the beautiful view.

Constance Bradburn is a classical singer, stand- up comedian, and writer. She left Chicago and came to Paris 40 years ago to pursue a career in opera, singing with the Paris Opera for 30 years. She writes regularly for the Opera magazine.

Alex Manthei is editor in chief of Two Words For, an online creative literary and arts publication.

Emily Ruck Keene came to Paris to study Philosophy. She has degrees in English and French, and Comparative Literature. She works as a journalist and translator, and co-hosts the Paris Lit Up weekly Open Mic. You can find her at @ EmilyRuckKeene or

David Leo Sirois was born in New Brunswick, Canada, and grew up in Madawaska, Maine.

P.V. Wolseley’s first love was Adam Ant. She then turned to art, which she studied at the Courtauld Institute, before taking a year out in Paris where she discovered a love of English. Seventeen years on, she’s still in Paris, still loving English, and almost totally over Adam Ant.


Moe SeagerThe Paris Jazz Poetry TrioMoe Seagar – voice, Alicia Nikki Horton – guitar and bass, Armando Assouline – percussion. These three musicians  have played together in many different bands in Paris but this will be their debut onstage as  a trio. Moe Seagar is a performance poet and Paris Lit Up Open Mic regular. Alicia Nikki Horton is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, plating guitar, bass, piano and drums. Armando Assouline is a professional freelance percussionist working in various projects throughout France. They’ll be jamming on their own original materials as well as accompanying any performer with their hot jazz sounds.


James JewellJames Jewell is an author, singer songwriter, poet and writer, originally from Pennsylvania. He has spent much of the last two years living in Paris. Here, he has been inspired by writers and poets, from Shakespeare and Co. and Poets Live, to build a body of poetry and short fication. Sometimes he performs traditional folk and bluegrass on his trusty ‘ol guitar with other people, sometimes he just plays with himself.


DJ SvenAfter being a DJ for more than 15 years in Paris and all over the world, DJ Sven Löve decided to focus on writing. He loves writing short stories and has plenty of them in his bag. He has also co-written with his sister, the well-known French film director Mia Hansen-Löve a script for a feature film titled « Eden ». It is the fourth feature of Mia and is being premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. It’s a fiction based on Sven’s souvenirs.



AristotolesExcellent literature will give you quite the appetite, but at our Launch Party there’ll poetry for all the senses, including your tastebuds! You’ll have the chance to transport your palette to Latin America and beyond with a selection of tacos and tapas fresh and handmade on the spot by our guest chef, Aristoteles Garcia Barrera. A professional chef specializing in Latino-Fusion cuisine, Barrera is has lead internationally renowned kitchen teams in restaurants all over the world including his native City of Mexico, Toronto and Berlin.


Anni Maarit


Anni Maarit Photography – Although everyone is welcome to film, record and take pictures at the event, be sure to smile if you come across Anni Maarit, the official photographer of the evening! Anni is a Finnish architect who dropped designing buildings and moved to Paris (because why not, it’s Paris) and now spends her time with being a photographer as well as filming various things.

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