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PLU Open Mic featuring Flora Hibberd

PLU Open Mic featuring Flora Hibberd

Review by Emily Ruck Keene

When the sun goes down… Paris Lit Up comes out to play!

Jason played the sacrificial lamb with his translation of “Song of April” by Pierluigi Cappello, Steve read an excerpt from his novel A’dam Blues (and other colors), Bob was diagnosed with an Epic case of homosexuality and virgin Nick was quite simply, an absolute WINNER. Robert James, or Jones, or whatever his name was not, was immaculately well-dressed but had lost his Beauty, and Ralph (Amarillo) also lost his virginity that evening.

Jevin was speeding, and Kehris’ body was a piece of art, while Quitterie crushed “mortality between [her] fingers”. Thomas told the story of a minute. 7.43, to be precise: a time which will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Donald brought the first half to a climactic end with his marvellous sung-spoken piece Jazz on a Wednesday (or I’ve Never Been to New Orleans)


Flora Hibberd, our featured performer, was full of soul and depth, drawing us in with her music and haunting lyrics…

I’d love you if my love was something strong

It’s hard to know this sorrow when you’re young

There’s ink on the floor where I spilt it last night

Arlo’s “days are numbered, and your nation’s torn”. Troy gave us a typically *charming* love poem slingshot motherstuffer… leaving us all a little queasy. Alice attached a prefix to everything as she licked her lips, and Christian treated us to some Neruda.

Donald was back with bilingual San Francisco and rich motherfuckers with a private army, before Bob was baptized into the Goldman Sachs Investment Cult, Ruth was both present and absent, and Emily finished with some Sam Riviere. Another great night of poetry and performances…but can someone please bring a camera next time, because my iPhone SUCKS!

 photo 3

This week, our very special guest is our lovely Paris Lit Up regular, Flora Hibberd! Currently living in Paris, Flora is a singer/songwriter who was born in East London in 1995. Her style and voice are instantly recognisable, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us on Thursday! Join us on April 10th, from 8pm onwards at the famous Culture Rapide bar in Belleville, and hear all that Paris’ literary scene has to offer…

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