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PLU Open Mic – August and Everything After

PLU Open Mic – August and Everything After

Hosted by ERK, photos by our lovely audience

The temperature might be cooling down now, but last Thursday the stage was on fire with performances by old faces and new at the Paris Lit Up open mic night. Emily was honoured to be your

Over eager MC
from daytime housewife TV


Starting the proceedings, Kate from Cuba was Fabulous. David found a poem he wrote twenty years ago in a trance. Night may not have remembered his name, but I wish I wrote that well when semi-conscious.

“There is only this … No second interval”
While we were hoping that there might in fact be a second interval, Bill and the “face in the rain” brought New Jersey to Paris. Jenna called on Bob Hicock (the New Yorker) and his wistfulness for home. Will’s moon went to sleep hungry as he realised what being a single parent is like, having to raise the Belleville Park Pages alone while his better half tops up his tan.

Alex and Emily both took on August, and Victor turned to social media for inspiration with some criminal translated tweets. Stephen reflected on the nature of the poet : “these good youths and men…Let’s find you a profession”.

After the break, David’s ode to Walt Whitman “I hear the bank of America singing” brought in more crowds from outside. Jose, back from Lisbon, taught us about Portuguese, poverty and darkness.

Michael left us with the silhouette of a girl and her cat. Newby Sebastien dropped in for a drink and ended up on stage from French to Italian and back to French again. Another PLU virgin Catherine recited what was not the Owl and the Pussycat. Welcome newcomers!

All-star Bill aka “call me Ebenezer” warmed up the stage with a “made-up sexuality”, and we’re not sure about going to Cuba after Kate’s toad was “the size of my head.” Another first-timer Canadian Kevin told us about his pink shoes and skills with the ladies, and our resident giggler Jennifer calmed us all down for a reflective end with

“Everything fades, even the stone in my hand”

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