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PLU Open Mic – Back to school with Paul Laborde

PLU Open Mic – Back to school with Paul Laborde

Final Exam. Photos by Claire Helen Williams.

Thursday we were privileged to have Paul Laborde as our special guest. Besides playing basket ball, he has also taught poetry at the Sorbonne. Our audience was therefore advised that his performance would be followed by a quiz.

Please print out, complete and hand in next Thursday at Open Mic. Good luck.


Part I – Multiple choice

Select one or more answers for the following questions:

1) Jason always forces whom to read first?

  • a) Kate Noakes
  • b) Kate Noakes
  • c) Kate Noakes
  • d) All of the above

2) The third Rotating host of Paris Lit Up Open Mic is:

  • a) Emily Ruck Keen
  • b) Emily Rook Keen
  • c) Emily Ruck-Keen
  • d) Em Fuck Ruck

3) What stunning Parisian poet should never be pigeon-holed?

  • a) Victor Hugo
  • b) Honoré du Balzac
  • c) David Sirois
  • d) Arthur Rimbaud

4) What is the most beautiful name in French for a woman?

  • a) Jeanne
  • b) Marie
  • c) Julie
  • d) Quitterie

5) What languages did Irene read in?

  • a) English
  • b) French
  • c) Russian
  • d) All of the above

6) Katherin’s “Breakfast Fantasies” and “The Countdown” were composed in:

  • a) Alexandrines
  • b) Rhyming couplets
  • c) Free form verse
  • d) Ah, just fuck it

7) Vanessa wrote her “Scruff Thoughts”

  • a) Today
  • b) On the back of her homework
  • c) In German
  • d) Some of the above

8) Elliot recited Oden and a Bengali poem:

  • a) By memory
  • b) I forgot

9) What instrument did Yannick play while his brother Remi sang and played the guitar:

  • a) Harmonica
  • b) Harp
  • c) Hecklephone
  • d) None of the above

10) Bill Strangmeyer’s “Almost Heros” was a:

  • a) Story in a sonnet
  • b) Egg in a basket
  • c) Cock in a sock
  • d) All of the above

11) Alexa, having read for the first time, is no longer:

  • a) Virgin
  • b) Uninitiated
  • c) Neophyte
  • d) Tenderfoot

Part II – The Featured Reader

Please re-order the words used by our featured reader Paul Laborde

elle je peur corps jeux bien aspiré troublant trop pris d’or contre tenir tenu à fusions ou où tour autour de ne pas pas des la là-bas tu tue peu peux plus non y mais veux tout temps qui ni né dont vu sais voit on a déjà me te ton mis mets que nous fait faire faux feu maintenant

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