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PLU Open Mic Christmas *shabango*

PLU Open Mic Christmas *shabango*

Whatever a Shabango is, it happened on Thursday…

Round 1.

Bibi  and Amel were brave and broke the open mic seal with Scientists, Charlie’s LAST EVENING left everyone smiling – and groaning – at once a pun a time (we’ll see you soon, sir), Julien’s LAST EVENING TOO turned up the temperature with mercury filaments and what would become a whole lotta love. Daniela’s LAST EVENING (at this point your host became convinced that there was a conspiracy) heard I’m not in Love, I’m in Deep Shit and The Two is both Sketchy and Bourgeois, along with some knife-bladed voices. Elliot had to apologise to Daniela with some Sleep Interrupted Abstraction and a trip to Ithaka. Those Greeks, what can you do? Bob shared an alternative Christmas reading of the famous b-boy and son of a v, on stage soon near you. Stephanie was as honest as blue in Italian: “I should have dated your dad”. Iris IS ALSO LEAVING AGAIN FFS and is carrying the shadow of purpose all the way back to London and Jordan closed our first round being a bit of an asshole.

Round 2. aka Vegans in the Night

Zorro, our stagiaire in waiting, gave us more Brecht and Robin Hood for socially progressive parents, Tristan, Amel and (what was your name, shy lovely blonde lady?) sang Rocket Man, accompanied by your host’s miming techniques. Moe gave us a war report. Julien was bilingually brilliant, and the tinder for an impromptu musical love-a-thon onstage. Cuteness. Kelly took shrooms, went to the Musée d’Orsay and perfected l’art d’ivresse. Bibi was back for more, and soon-to-be-hitched Christian ordered us to “Just Say No to Family Values”.

Twat throat and cigarette dew, that floor would ruin a sponge mop! ” – John Giorno.

Rounds 3 aka. Revenge of the Intern!

You guessed it folks: Just like a shark with blood, once an intern tastes power they never let go, and so for the last PLU of 2014 I seized the reins of the wild and raucous third round before the night descended into glorious chaos.
To kick us off, Joey’s poem 5000 miles: Send me to the sky reminded all our home-bound poets of their upcoming aerial journeys, while Volcan’s expert fingerwork had his rootsy guitar vibes taking us on a journey of our own.
Brienne plotted our course: We were bound for Other places in California, and then called out an Ode to Alan. Lauren kept the lyrics flowing strong, with Sam Smith classic “Stay with Me”, and as music calls to musicians DRnB couldn’t resist crooning out to his “Baby Girl”, a role for which he’s looking for an actress for his upcoming music video, no less! Charlie, feeling energised by the need to read again on his LAST NIGHT, informed us of his Wants and Needs. Another kind of burning urge was present in Lucie’s Viennese Crackheads, and after Mara brought carnal pleasure to the forefront with I got tittyfucked by a quiet artist there was was nothing I could do but let the poets pile onstage and reap the mad whirlwind of drunken dancing that followed on into the night.




To celebrate the season that every expatriate and poor artist loves (…) we’re having a Christmas shabango this Thursday at our Open Mic. No, your host doesn’t know what a shabango is either. We’ll just have to ask the too-urban-for-a-dictionary J.McG when he’s back in town. So, gather your Scrooges or your carol singers and we’ll see you at Culture Rapide, from 8, on December 18 for THE LAST PLU OPEN MIC OF 2014!

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