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PLU Open Mic Christmas Special featuring Rufo Quintavalle

PLU Open Mic Christmas Special featuring Rufo Quintavalle

Ho Ho Ho and a very merry Christmas to you all…

Your host was in full festive flow for the PLU open mic on Thursday December 19, inspired by special guest Rudolph  Rufo Quintavalle!

Bill started off with some nostalgia for summer *sigh* and Emily got incensed at the incense. Kate experimented with varying states of alopecia, and – O What is that Sound? – it was Elliot and his perfect memory. Jason revealed his criminal creations, covertly coming soon to a wall near you, and Bea read her favorite epitaphs. It was Anita’s last night (we suspect she may actually be Santa Claus) and she stood in for the Belleville Park Pages’ marketing crew. Joe was caught off guard and forced to the stage

one foot on the ground, the other in your mouth

James was delightfully Christmassy (“someone go to hell”) and set the scene for Rudolph Rufo, our VIP of the evening! Reading from his new chapbook moral hazard and the chemical sweats, he treated us to some excellent poetry. For more lines like these, buy his book!

From where I am sitting I can see eight shoes

her dog like a face with a wet vagina

the overdose smiles to himself on the staircase

the only thing that matters terribly is idiom

angry minutes in a frosted ditch

A break was had, more Rufo was read, several women fainted, and more clapping ensued. Boomie had us in the usual hysterics with Picasso… no…Bach. Anita, before hopping on her sleigh, hit the ground with non-metallic elements and the life of an army wife. Madeleine *PLU VIRGIN!!!* brought her sisters, and Imani perched like a black crow waiting for sleep. Ian had some serious limericks, like the potential silence of sheep, and Megan brought us to actual tears with her performance of Andrea Gibson’s “I do.” Ruth painted a portrait of the poet as a post-grad, and Louisa had only empty sex. The infamous Queen Troy was all string and lace, and then Emily, Kate and Jason subjected the audience to a terrible but well-meant Christmas carol. Thank god it only happens once a year.

 Joyeux fêtes!

Hate Christmas? Don’t believe in Santa Claus? Far from home this holiday season? Come drown your winter blues in whisky and poetry with the rest of us ex-pats! PLU Open Mic Christmas with our special guest Rufo Quintavalle, who will be launching his new chapbook from corrupt press.

If you would like to read, dance, sing or otherwise express yourself, sign up is open and free to all starting at 20h-ish. We go until we drop – which means all night long! In any language. Or no language at all. No limits. Extreme poetry. Nudity encouraged.

The real Santa Claus will be hosting.


Rufo QuintavalleRufo Quintavalle is the author of four books of poetry, Make Nothing Happen (2009), Liquiddity (2011), Dog, cock, ape and viper (2011) and moral hazard and the chemical sweats (2013).  He was formerly the poetry editor for the online journal, nthposition, and served on the editorial board for the Paris-based literary magazine, Upstairs at Duroc.  His work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and for the Michael Marks award.  From 2011 until 2013 he ran the reading series, Poets Live.

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