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PLU Open Mic feat. Alistair Noon

PLU Open Mic feat. Alistair Noon

October 1, 2015. Hosted by ERK. Special guest, Alistair Noon!

Fresh (or not so much) off the back of our epic PLU 3 Magazine launch party, we set sail into another Open Mic with our featured performer Alistair Noon steering the ship.

Thomas won the democratic lottery and warmed us up with an undergraduate philosophy essay, followed by arty Allison showing her poetic side. Message Folk is a one-man travelling band and René actually did get stuck in an elevator but hopefully didn’t get peed on. Eduardo has a lot of lists in his “Poèmes tout nus” and Amruta gave us a delightful afternoon portrait. VIRGIN Mark stood us up with Star Wars, laundry and football, and Tim serenaded with some Persian Kings before we invited Berlin-based, British-born poet Alistair Noon to launch his excellent new collection “The Kerosene singing”.

Round 2 was crammed full of excited artists. We kicked things off with some Blue Wit, before giving Alistair back the stage for some more Kerosene extracts featuring Foucault, Death and Russian translation. Elisa was back for a flying visit and two side-splitting songs. “One Direction: Two Erections” will go down in history. Isabelle killed it with her stand-up and Maria showed her film-making skills with a video. Rebecca caught the funny bug with a snippet of performance art, Dom reminded us about the Montmartre Dionysia theatre festival and Rachel dreamed a little dream of me. We ended the night with the lovely Lys under the moonlight, David Blair‘s telepathic place and performances from Peter A. Deaves, who was kept onstage under duress to finish the evening.

Does anybody know who the dude taking pictures in faces was? Your host gave him her number, but he hasn’t called *sob*



Read, sing, dance or pretend to be a tree: Open Mic is free to all forms of expression with sign up starting at 20h. This week our special guest poet and translator Alistair Noon is coming all the way down from Berlin to bring us some hip translations and poetry of his own.

Alistair Noon‘s publications include two collections from Nine Arches Press, Earth Records (2012) and Bockwurst Halal (forthcoming, 2015). Surveyors’ Riddles, a collaboration with Giles Goodland, is forthcoming from Sidekick Books (also 2015). A collection of his widely published translations of Osip Mandelstam is in preparation. He lives in Berlin.


*Photo by Karl Hurst.

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