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PLU Open Mic feat. Jennifer K Dick

PLU Open Mic feat. Jennifer K Dick

Host: JFMcG. Photos: Anni Maarit Photography.

Sizzling summer poetry, cool bohemian atmosphere: Thursday July 19th saw nearly 30 writers, poets and musicians take to the PLU stage, including 5 sacrificial Virgins (V).

Two traditions – one hated, one loved – started us off with Kate Noakes reading Dylan Thomas‘ 1954 radio play Under Milk Wood and her own How I’ll wait for you, Place de l’Opéra and Let me give you a tip. Helen, host and founder of Spokenword Stockholm came down from the north for a few days carrying My body a wall, your hands ivy, Nick and Jo (V) did a Scottish dialogue that was NOT about shagging in an elevator. Yuanye (V) took a break from making noodles in his dad’s shop to read us Baudelaire’s Réversibilité: the lesson was free for BAC students. Bob sang a tune in French, Gus gave us his guitar, Sofia put her thinking cap on with Three shades of Rodin and Thomas went hiking in Georgia to find his Tone poem. Finally, our special guest and good friend Jennifer K Dick gave us a sneak-peek at her new project, a novel in fragments called Lilith.


A few beers and cigarettes later we were off and running with Round 2: Elliot memorized Emily Dickinson‘s funeral 280 as well as some Victor Hugo, again the lesson was free for BAC students. Zoro slashed his way through Lucky’s monologue from Waiting for Godot. Beatrice dedicated a passage from Alice in Wonderland to her dearest friend, Steve revealed a new novel You don’t look like a Trucker, and Quitterie had some Miasma for dinner. Tati (V), read in Russian and then sang us a Lullaby. Remi came to celebrate the one year birthday of Belleville Park Pages and Let snow weep into this paper. Gus‘ guitar again then Megan‘s profound reflection: FUCK IT. Rachel, our last (V), came from Glasgow to have a Brief encounter in Paris. Jen read some CERN, Bob sang for his sons, Olivia showed some Skin museum, Alex sat Beside the house and wondered, Liam gave his farewell performance with The dancer and the doubt, and Donald took us home with a French Arcadia, and English Eastern mischief and a French List. Like we always say:when in Rome, speak French.



Jennifer K Dick is the author of CIRCUITS (Corrupt, 2013), ENCLOSURES (BlazeVox eBook, 2007),FLUORESCENCE (University of GA Press, 2004), and 4 chapbooks, including CONVERSION (2013) with Estepa editions, Paris including art by Kate Van Houten. She teaches at the Université of Haute Alsace in Mulhouse, France, co-curates the Ivy Writers reading series in Paris and the Ecrire l’Art mini-residency at La Kunsthalle Mulhouse. She is a poetry editor for VERSAL out of Amsterdam, writes book reviews for Drunken Boat and a poetics column for Tears in the Fence(UK). Recent poems appear in Vlak (out of Prague), Spoon Bending: A Chapbook curated by Kent MacCarter for Cordite Poetry Review (Australia), Poetry WalesTears in the Fence (UK), UndertowParis Lit Up Magazine, Similar Peaks and Molly BloomFollowing her appearance at the Prague Poetry Microfestival this May, some of Jennifer’s poems have also appeared in Czech translation in magazines in Prague. Jennifer also co-edited two critical books on translation with Stephanie Schwerter, most recently Traduire: transmettre ou trahir? Réflexions sur la traduction en sciences humaines (Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l’homme, Paris, Dec 2013). For more, see her blog at:

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