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PLU Open Mic feat. LISAA Short Film Festival

PLU Open Mic feat. LISAA Short Film Festival

A slamdunk night at PLU last Thursday with our seven special short guests and a special surprise freestyle hiphop jam at the end of the evening. Round 1 included performances by L’insaissisable in Français, Lorenzo reading La tarda sera and Il funerale in Italiano, Alison‘s Flatter and virgin Tom Blood‘s The walrus and the cabdrivers. Another virgin, Vesko, followed with Angel and Vixens in a slam style while Moe took the old school road home with Ray CharlesDodoododo. Maria saw his old school and doubled down with some soprano Opera and then we sacrificed more virginity with Mara and her flash fiction Unborn nights and a poem Dances of dating, mating and prostitution. Eduardo read four poems in Français à la Italienne and René embarrassed his long lost friend with Circus Girl. Blue Wit with more Catullus in Latin and Français to warm up the crowd before Kelly Dochy presented a selection of 2014-2015 LISAA short animated films.

Round 2 continued on with Fun King Nero back from a ten country tour and his Smile for me. Ryan tried to make Hitler and Putin funny, Lucy wrote The flight of the bumblebee (in Paris), and then even more virginity lost, specifically Henry‘s stand-up performance and virgin Rhonda‘s therapist rap about how Older women are hot. Virgins galore with Chris‘ poem Not, cherry popping Louis‘ rap Français, first-timer Musuil Labaz‘s Slam Français and virgin Kofi’s De septembre à septembre. A few more short films and then something unexpected happened…

Round 3 was transformed into a freestyle, hiphop rap free-for-all with the participation of Louis, Moe, Ed, IrisMusuil Labaz, Rose, Kofi, Lily and the undisputed badass of the evening, Henry. Check out the clip below!


On August 13th 2015, Paris Lit Up is transformed into a playground of vision and will have the pleasure of projecting seven 2D or 3D animated short films from LISAA’s 2014-2015 3rd year animation course. Animated film extracts the marrow of dreams, allowing it to be shared outside the mind, creating movement and breathing life into still images.

For everyone else, sign up is free starting at 20h. Read, sing, dance or cut yourself onstage: no limits, no rules. #UbiquePoiesisEst

LISAA (l’Institut supérieure des arts appliqués) is a Paris-based applied arts school, specializing partly in 2D/3D/VFX/Video games.

Come with us and plunge into poetry in visual motion.

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