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PLU Open Mic feat. Ray Knight

PLU Open Mic feat. Ray Knight

Spitting true spirit at PLU Open Mic last week with our special guest Ray Knight. Moe began with Jazz is, Thomas brought his roller luggage to say goodbye to Paris for a while with An Epistle to the Oxford English Dictionary and Zach lost his virginity shredding and shedding Blood on his flying guitar. David called the Embassy, Amruta  (recently accepted in to Paris Lit Up Magazine n°3) stumbled into a Tramp along the way and Jordan rocked out on his last night, we’ll miss you Jordan! Virgin Song read a poem in Korean and her friend Tanya, also virgin came all the way from California to read her poem based on a 16th century Korean poet, called Tell Me More, followed by an original called Waiting. Plus she said penis is Korean. Bill came back from Anesthetic Heaven and then explained Why Grandma Never Locks the Bathroom Door. Our special guest Ray Knight premiered his new music video and then began with a spoken word piece, dedicated to the victims of Charlotte. He did a few jams from his most recent album (see below) to send us off into the night for our smoke break.

Round 2 saw René (recently accepted in to Paris Lit Up Magazine n°3) Take a Train to Lille, Jovan reminiscing about his married lover, Emilie, followed by Cecilia‘s June and Protest Poem. Shannon‘s dedication to our recent Roman Writing Retreat and the ancient Latin band Blue Wit (quo vadis, baby?) did some samba Catullus. Yann broke into some new materials, Quiettrie came back from the States to read some Seamus, Rosey sang her heart out and Susan lost her virginity. Finally, Ray Knight sent us howling into the night with some more of his def jams.

We also used the last page of our sacred PLU Bible… come next week to inaugurate the new one!


Hot summer nights at Open Mic: one of the freshest voices in underground hip hop, Ray Knight will lay it all out on our stage tonight as our special guest. As a bonus, we’ll also celebrate the world premier of his new music video, directed by Alexandra Kaucher. Through the lens of the past, futuristic, and metaphysical, we’ll see the journey of a Knight reclaiming and creating his legacy….

For everyone else, sign up is free starting at 20h – come early if you want to get a spot: we fill up quick quick quick!


Ray Knight is a hip hop artist best known for his creative storytelling ability, thought provoking lyrics, and passionate delivery.

The son of a Jamaican father and African American mother, Ray Knight was born and raised in Fresno, CA.

His first self released mixtape, From Me, To You, was released in 2012, with themes focusing heavily on the black experience in modern day America, the complications of love, and the uplifting of the black community. These themes are prominent in almost all of his music and art, resulting in the self proclaimed title, The iLL Revolutionary. Ray Knight’s goal as an artist is to unite people and bring about the betterment of the black community by speaking truth and spreading a message of positivity.

His journey has thus far brought him many places and given him a vast array of experiences. One that ranges from central California, to the garrisons and countryside of Jamaica where his father hails from, a life on the road in Texas, and traveling the world to places like Egypt and the UK. On nothing but a few dollars and a thirst for knowledge, it is these experiences that he shares with the world through the culture that’s become his life’s canvas, hip hop.


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