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PLU Open Mic feat. Rita Malikonyte Mockus

PLU Open Mic feat. Rita Malikonyte Mockus

Hosted by erk, photos by Eddie W and Z

We had domestic disputes, academic enquiries, ekphrasis and a sprinkling of synaesthesia on July 16 up at Culture Rapide. Did you miss it? You missed a warm and fuzzy evening that finished with music en plein air and another warning of rambunctiousness…



Thomas threw himself under the bus with his Epistle to the OED and the age-old question: “Is a vibrator a robot?”. Amruta had a passionate response she’d been, ehem, building up to all week, so we had to call up David Attwooll to calm the mounting tension with pieces from his new book “The Sound Ladder”. Eddie, our spontaneous photographer, had an apology to Europe and France. From now on he will not ask for ketchup. And he will read the menu. If only your host’s mother would follow suit…

Zorro whipped off his hosting cape and dedicated two Inua Ellams pieces to Iris, our London-based lovely, who followed up with a delicious perfume: “the smell of sand, lemon and old textbooks”. L’Insaizisable wafted through the scent with a world of marionettes, and David Sirois arrived exactly on time for his “Container”, which has just been translated into French.

Rita Malikonyta Mockus was our featured reader, delighting us with the sound of her native Lithuanian and some collaborative panel-poetry pieces (in English). A master of many trades, is was fascinating to see – and hear – how she enjoys using poetry with other genres of art (just look at her bio below!)

Round two and the night owls started appearing… we solved the J issue with democracy: Jack delighted us first with “To the pine tree” in Ojibwa, a Native American language. James J was our J n°2 with a lot of shooting (historically fitting in hindsight), virgin Joshua made n°3 and is quite relaxed about going to hell

“I’ve never killed a man. But I’ve never saved one either.”

Jason (yes, McGimsey, you’ve been replaced) marked the last J, riding the rhythm with Tom the village poet. Rita, our featured guest, was one floor up in a three-coloured house, left with the left-overs and silenced women. Vana Rose was actually a secret performance poet, using her virginity to get our guards down 😉 and Moe was huskier than you can imagine possible – too much jaaaaaazz. It’s a dog’s life. Connor didn’t go to work because he was swimming in a metastable soup, and Iris called out for no silence.

Well, ok then! Let’s take this outside and see what Milena can bring to the table pavement. A lot of music, smiles, bemused Parisians and an enforced departure at closing time.

Paris’ most insistent Open Mic continues throughout the summer season with special guests and more! Sign up is free and open to all starting at 20h. Speak, shout, sing, dance: no limits!

Rita Malikonyte Mockus, born in Lithuania, is a classically trained pianist who has studied philosophy and creative writing and has a degree in art history. Her poetry has appeared in Salos (Sviesa Press, Lithuania). She was a featured vocal performer and wrote a cycle of poems set to Jasenka’s electro­acoustic recording “An Artist and a Plane” for the Electroshock label in 2004. She also wrote the lyrics to the work “Yoin,” which was performed at the National Philharmonic of Lithuania in Vilnius. In 2007 she read her poetry at the City of Asylum annual Jazz Poetry Concert alongside saxophonist Jimmy Carter from World Saxophone Quartet and drummer Roger Humphries. In 2013, she read at the B​onfire Reading Series together with Moe Seager, an American­French jazz poet. Mockus writes cultural criticism for the A​utumn House Press and the online magazine S​ampsonia Way.​ She also collaborates with local video artists, is a member of Z​ero Prestige,​a Pittsburgh poetry collective, and contributes her poems to its monthly journal. She is currently working on her book of poems S​he­Riffs.

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