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PLU Open Mic feat. William Strangmeyer

PLU Open Mic feat. William Strangmeyer

Hosted by ERK, photos by Charlie Mercier and Claire Williams


Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Here at PLU, we celebrated the rich harvest of creativity in the City of Light. There wasn’t turkey, but there was Alphonse the lobster. And, instead of pumpkin pie, beer filled our stomachs.

Charlie started us off with a personal plethora of poetry and even more ‘p’s than you could throw a pigskin at. Moe walked the boulevard, cold in his tracks, angry over Ferguson. Alison drowned in palindromes, sounds and symbols. Bob (has a Christmas special massage deal on) also couldn’t ignore #merica2014. VIRGIN Farhana gave us the definition of magic. DRnB just had to danser. VIRGIN David is poetry hunting across Europe, and doesn’t like shitty clients. Lauren dedicated hers to Queen Ann, Queen Mary, and wrinkle cream dream queen Emily. Then it was time for William – Bill – Strangmeyer who commanded our attention with Koala Rebirth, Allo Carnation and Tweety Bird Talking, finishing the first round with Anaesthetic Heaven.

“The humans love their little crimes”

“That stupid dance called war”

“Razors in their hair and honey on their breath”

“Traveller it is your footprints that are your way, and not your stories”


Mademoiselle PomPom de la Tour Eiffel and Alphonse gave a shout out for the Montmartre Dionysia next week, warming up the stage for part 2. of Bill’s feeatured performance.

“Something new was in the air, worn like fashion”

“she was somewhere between hot and unintentionally beautiful”

Julien read Indolence and Second Hand, Nina gave us Anticipations and some festive spirit with Christmas. Jordan did not give us art. Nor is he a salesman.

“Darkness does not have anything to obscure”

David just had to call the office, and René’s Russian bride got involved in a shoot out. Think CSI meets Grey’s Anatomy meets The Wire. Zorro has the fire of direction in his soul, although you probably should tell him not to read stories to the kids. Ed made Latin sexy, and Moe also wanted to know what was happening. Boomie made it just in time to show Jolene around Paris. But, to be honest, it just isn’t Texas…



Our Special Guest, William Walrond Strangmeyer, better known as Bill, has worked in amusement parks as a caller, in banks, bookstores, cinema, theater, door-to-door vacuum cleaner sales, restaurants, insurance sales, taxi driving, telephone sales, warehouses — in the U.S., Copenhagen, Athens, Crete, London and Switzerland. But now he’s in France.

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