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PLU Open Mic featuring A.F. Harrold

PLU Open Mic featuring A.F. Harrold

Review by Kate Noakes.

It was freezing, ‘earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone,’ but such meteorology is not enough to put off the stalwart Open Mic crowd, who gathered this week for early Christmas cheer with A.F. Harrold stirring the pudding magnificently as the ginger Santa. Thank you to all the generous PLU donors for ensuring we could pay for him in something other than chocolate money.

Presents were left under the tree by Nina, but only after she traversed the femme fatale’s road; Anita, reminding us ‘poems must sweat…and excrete a little defiance’; Vanessa, despite speaking softly and becoming deluded; and Katie with her ‘great thoughts.’ Troy came armed with the kind of gifts we might want to take back to the shop, such as death wishes and vampires at Christmas, while Remi preferred dying at sea. Humbug.  Thank goodness for Emily’s Time before and Beatrice’s moon fixation.

The Christmas quiz was supplied by Eliott, who with Sierra, brought cards in the form of Auden’s If I could tell you and Jane Hirshfield’s What binds us, while Michelle had written her’s on the metro.  Other guests tucking into the turkey were Paul, home from his paper round and the seasonal virgins: Carly, who shared some of this year’s diary; and Manon, who was fixated with skin and going in deeper. Jason echoed Luca’s body, again.

Flora, Jan and Rebecca sang the carols, rousingly as always to bid adieu to the lovely Jenna.  More figgy pudding, mince pies and kissing under the mistletoe next week with Rufo Qunitavalle as guest. Make it a date, a medjool, of course. Bring your own cranberry sauce and ten euros to buy a last minute Christmas gift for someone you love.

Guest Bio

A.F. Harrold is an English poet, performer, children’s author, bearded gentleman and occasional hat wearer. He has been Glastonbury Festival Poet-in-Residence and has performed in tents, on stages, at picket lines and above water around the world. He has published serious poetry, funny poetry, children’s poetry and non-poetry of various flavours, including in the first edition of Paris Lit Up. He does things that aren’t always normal with words and isn’t to be missed, unless you have somewhere better to be, in which case, nevermind. More or less information can be found at

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