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PLU Open Mic featuring Alessandra Trevisan

PLU Open Mic featuring Alessandra Trevisan

Hosted by JFMcG – Photos by Charlie

Paris Lit Up officially kicked off our new Mini Writing Residency with our international guest from Venice, Italy, Alessandra Trevisan! A cold Parisian night warmed by some #ItaliansDoItBest-style as well as a handful of brave souls who whether the below-zero temperatures.

Round One began with Chief Communications Officer René‘s freshest prose, including a nod to the recently passed #DavidBowie. Josh followed him up, improvising on the guitar in three concepts: Hormones, Blue Skies and David Bowie, all in the key of love. He was followed by Nick, a.k.a. the most perfect English diction in Paris, reading Louis MacNeice‘s Entirely and The sunlight on the garden. Some super sounds from San Francisco then came flowing from deep within Sella and her flying Casio keyboard with Josh’s guitar accompaniment. Hot with music in our veins, we were then transported to far-off lands with the ancient sounds of Paris’ premier Latin (i.e. Cesare) band, Blue Wit. A perfect segway to the poetic music or the musical poetry and looptastic sounds of our featured Resident, Alessandra Trevisan. For a little taste, check out the video:

Back for Round Two and some more #ItaliansDoItBest-style, we welcomed Lorenzo and his English translation of Ascanio Celestini. Conner came back with his Irish accent and a Visit to Uncle Jessie, followed by the loss of Arlo‘s poetic virginity in 4 movements and a prose poem for Rimbaud. Bad-boy Maxx took us to a dark place but then we were saved by Charlie‘s return and advice: You grab what’s left…

Hic Sunt Leones: we partook in excessive beverages and grabbed the guitar. Uh oh. I seem to remember, in no certain order, Hank William‘s Lost Highway, Ed (from Blue Wit) on stage signing some strange British song with Arlo, a widely-participated The Man Who Stole The World dedication to #DavidBowie and, to finish off the neighbors’ good sleeping habits, everyone shouting “IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE!!!”.

More imagination next week at PLU….

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Open Mic continues this week with a special Italian guest participating in PLU’s new Mini-Writing Residency, Alessandra Trevisan. She will also be hosting a Multimedia Writing Workshop on Saturday, January 16th at Berkeley Books of Paris. For everyone else, sign-up starts at 20h. Read, sing, dance or just play dumb: the stage is yours!

Alessandra Trevisan is a vocalist and writer. She’s actively researching on the voice, both as a creator and as a scholar. She has been working on pop music, jazz and experimental composition; she practices voice improvisation using effects and loops and she is the lead singer for UNKNWN, an electronic band, where she sings her own poems. She’s interested in the relationship between voice and live performances, songwriting and writing, poems and lyrics, both in Italian and in English. She has a contemporary experimental and yet lyrical approach to poetry and music.

She has been hosting for the past four years “Virgole di poesia” with the Italian poet Anna Toscano on Radio Ca’ Foscari in Venice. She is also a critic for “Poetarum Silva” lit-blog and currently working on a Phd proposal on the Italian novelist and actress Goliarda Sapienza.

*Photo by Camilla-Martini and Debora-Leardini

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