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PLU Open Mic featuring Alex Manthei

PLU Open Mic featuring Alex Manthei

There were some stomachs rumbling to be fed on Thursday. Fed with inspiring poetry and performances, of course! And, by the time they staggered back out into the cold Parisian streets, they’d had more than their fill, bellies groaning after pigging out on poetic pickings all night…



Missy started things on a healthy note, not missing out on her vitamin C just because her orange was “as cold as an old whore’s heart”. David J (he has a book out: Quorum of One) gave us heartburn with spaghetti, pizzas, chocolate chip cookies, health rolls, pork chops and fajitas! Kate continued with Dylan Thomas and some cute cats and dogs on FaceTube, before Lisa practiced her powerful pipes. Eliott, Auden and David S went on a wander, and Carly’s planned birthday cake was a bit of a failure. Quitterie (amazing name) snuck up the mountain with her friends, Fran knocked at n°37 for Mme Marin, and Evan raked the leaves to clear the table for our featured reader Alex Manthei, who had a few lessons for us and some beautiful verse. See the end of this article for a video of his performance!

awaking into language for the first time

It is the rumbling of the metro below you
It is knowing where the metro goes

You will move stars for yourself


Boomie the googilianaire was back for more – “call me Bronte, Dostoyevsky” – then Evan and Jan had our jaws on the floor with their music (see video). Megan managed to move us without making anyone cry this time, and PLU virgin Ben brought his eucelele,  uqueleye, UKULELE (and a kangaroo love story)

Louisa’s world was about to come to an end, but at least she didn’t have dustmites like David S, and Jason raised a question of words with Saramago. Emily painted with Matisse, and Evan and Jan came back for more musical magic, before VIP Alex closed the night with a few final poems:

Monsoons with thunder in your child lungs

I’m in the backyard of all of the spaces I have called home

This is where I learned to stand up straighter

We build these buildings


This week our special guest is Alex Manthei. Alex is a recent MA graduate of the University of Amsterdam, poet, Community Manager @mention, and Editor in Chief of @twowordsfor, an online creative literary and arts publication devoted to fresh, original writing on those who came before: 

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